Floral Friday Fotos: Flamboyant Flame Tree

A few weeks ago I noticed something bright orange clinging to the top of a neighbour’s tree across the lake. From a distance, it looked like the wind might have blown a brightly coloured plastic bag up there. Eventually, my curiosity got the better of me and I zoomed my camera in on it. A single spray of beautiful flame colored flowers.


When we returned from our trip to NJ, I was delighted to see that the tree had been very busy producing many more of these lovely bright blooms. How beautiful they look against the blue Florida sky. This is a Royal Poinciana also known as the Flame Tree, for obvious reasons.


Our immediate family has seven May birthdays, all within two weeks, and today is my sister’s turn. I’ve sent her flowers of course,


and have just called her to wish her many happy returns of the day.


Hope you all have a relaxing and happy weekend.





66 comments on “Floral Friday Fotos: Flamboyant Flame Tree

  1. happy birthday to your sister, Sylvia. the flower arrangement is just lovely! the flame tree looks like the one we have in the Philippines which we call ‘fire tree’. really pretty. precious photo of you both! πŸ™‚

  2. I want a flame tree! How captivating, so unusual, and as you say Sylvia, stunning against that beautiful blue sky πŸ˜€ Lovely flowers and of course the two beauties hugging πŸ™‚ Happy birthday (belated) to your sister! xx

  3. What a pretty tree in bloom. Isn’t funny how some families have so many birthdays clustered together? I worked with a woman who had several family members with the same day!

  4. Happy birthday to your sister! I love flame trees – great shots. I have tried a couple of times to have one here…but failed of course. I will have to see them on trips instead.

  5. Sylvia, our experience in FL is that if can grow, it will grow, and all the beautiful, colorful vegetation is proof. It’s also interesting to see the change to more and more tropical varieties as you travel south in the state. I hadn’t thought much about this until my first trip to South American, where I saw all the native trees that had been successfully cultivated in Florida. ~James

  6. Happy birthday to your sister. I have been watching for her to put some more paintings on her blog. Is she still painting? Have a happy birthday filled week… πŸ™‚

  7. Poincianas are beautiful trees. When we lived in Darwin in the 1980s there was a huge poinciana in our front yard. It shaded the whole front of the house, which was very useful in the tropics. Last year, when we there at the start of our road trip, we drove past to show our daughter where we used to live and the tree was gone. Such a shame.

  8. I love flame trees. My MIL used to have some in the garden, but got rid of them because the leaves got into her gutters and rusted them – such a shame.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Birthday to your beautiful sister xxxx

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