Not all my friends are scaly

I think that some of you imagine that I live in a mini Jurassic Park surrounded by scaly creatures ranging from six inches to six feet long, with long green fingers. Well, I guess in a way you’re right, but they certainly aren’t the only visitors around.

Lenny Limpkin often pops by to search for his daily diet of Apple Snails, which although I love apples, don’t really appeal to me. I haven’t seen his partner Linda for a while. Hope they haven’t fallen out.


The Ibis family with their wickedly long beaks, brilliant white plumage and piercing blue eyes, love to peck around the grass for large insects, which they are very welcome to.


Mr. GBH, always elegant in his grey-blue suit is ever a welcome sight as he stands statue-like in the shallows, waiting for an unsuspecting fish to cross his vision.


Daisy and Danny duck occasionally glide past, always refusing to stop for a photo shoot.


The Green Heron is a rare visitor and so lovely to see.


Yesterday on Facebook, I posted this photo of Sammy sheltering from the rain whilst nibbling at his lunch. He seems a bit subdued since he destroyed the birdfeeder which we haven’t yet replaced. The Bluejays have disappeared, but hopefully we can find a squirrel-proof feeder to entice them back again. The sooner the better, as we have a huge bag of birdseed, which I don’t fancy having to mix with my breakfast cereal.

DSCN8594 One of my friends responded “I love seeing your pics of these cuties, but I really can’t look at Iggy any more! LOL.” Actually to tell the truth,  I’m also getting a bit ‘Iggyed out’. Hubby attended a committee meeting yesterday afternoon and tells me that people here are complaining about the Iguana population explosion, as they feast on their prize garden plants. It’s becoming quite a problem, but  I don’t know what can be done about it. 

Happy Wednesday to you all. The weeks just seem to fly by and still no kitchen, although the appliances have been ordered, so that means it’s not too far in the future.  




95 comments on “Not all my friends are scaly

  1. A kitchen re-do! That will be so nice to use! Feathered friends! Even a furry squirrel! Do you have Wild Birds Unlimited near you? They have all kinds of wonderful, well-made feeders that are squirrel proof. Or sometimes a baffle on the pole is enough to keep them away from the seed. Don’t want you to have to add birdseed to your granola! LOL

  2. Invasion of Iggies I’m sure would not be popular with those who take pride in their gardens Sylvia. They’ll have to be served eviction notices and perhaps they’ll move on 😀

  3. Sylvia, I love watching ibis search for food. As you say, any bug they find they’re welcome to. I did see one gobble a small frog once. As for GBH, once we saw one snag a fish that was about 5 times bigger than its head – no exaggeration. We watched it struggle for about 20 minutes to get it down, and it eventually did. I would have definitely have lost that bet. ~James

  4. So many friends you have in feathers and scales, and all have names. Beautiful Fotos, Sylvia. Do you make a fire in the front garden at present for the dinner to prepare, as you have no kitchen….? 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Anand. No when we aren’t eating out, we just have salad and cold meat or buy sushi. I have no facility for preparing meat even to cook outside, although we do have a barbecue. It shouldn’t be too long now, hopefully. We eat very well though. 🙂

  5. I agreed this is a good change from Iggy shows. They cute ones. For Mr. Squirrel is smart about getting to his food supply. Finding squirrel proof bird feeder might be hard 🙂

  6. All of your visitors are awesome, Sylvia, even Iggy.
    I understand what it is to live without a kitchen. We didn’t have a proper kitchen for almost a year when we moved into our unfinished house. You’ll get there!

  7. “Elegant” is the perfect word for Mr. GBH, Sylvia 😀

    The kitchen will be finished in no time at all and it will look stunning. I have only just got my bathroom in (after three years!) – it was worth the wait xxx

  8. And not a scale in sight, Sylvia, well, from what we can see, anyway! I love seeing your prehistoric visitors though… and the birds – you get to see a more varied selection than who crops up here!

  9. Sylvia, I have to laugh at the names of your non-scaly critters. Although I spotted one of my GBH earlier this week, we don’t have ibis. Didn’t get to walk this morning as it was raining, but Friday morning I hope to catch sight (and photos) of something interesting or, hopefully, more than one something. Did get some shots of goldfinches last week, but I haven’t gotten around to getting them from camera to laptop. 🙂


  10. We have the Green Herons around here, but they are so shy it’s very difficult to catch a shot of them. Yours is fantastic!

    Our renovation has had the kitchen done for at least a week and I absolutely adore it, but the bathroom just got tore up. Looks like the floors and walls need replacing. Of course none of it is as grand as your hubby’s work… the domed ceilings are totally impressive! Luckily I have a home to retreat to when the demolition gets too wild and you had the same privilege during the worst of it. Life certainly gets ‘interesting’ in the midst of major construction. Been there, done that, don’t really want to do it again! 🙂

  11. You really do show the best part of Florida… 😉 and u know how I love Fl.
    You always have the best shots, and some rather interesting. Characters for sure;)). Sorry u still don’t have a working kitchen , but if I were a beating woman….. I’d say when it’s done…. It will have been well worth the wait;)

  12. Great pictures of your visitors, Sylvia! I love the Green Heron picture in particular ❤ and the squirrel reminds me of last nights walk with Dylan…I was literally flying at the end of the leash when he sighted the little fellow 🙂

  13. Wishing you can have your kitchen ready , as soon as possible ,I want you to know how much I appreciate your feathered neighbors….(Besides the scaly ones…)
    Loved this post as always !

  14. I never thought of iguanas being a problem to gardeners before…deer yes! I hope nothing drastic…the worst we have to worry about is snails and slugs lol! I could never get tired of all your beautiful photos, scaly or otherwise. And I have to say Sylvia, Daisy and Danny duck look like the happiest ducks I think I’ve ever seen…I swear they are smiling! 🙂 xx PS Can’t wait to see your kitchen pics!

  15. You do have an assortment of wildlife characters, all of which I enjoy enormously. I’m afraid if I took pictures of OUR Sammy Jr. your friends would have complained. All that was left of him were his back legs and tail after Mama Kitty reprimanded him for trying to escape while she came over and jumped on my lap to tell me about finding him. He was so cute when she carried him from the field like a baby and laid him down under the shade of the tree in front of me. I had to leave when I saw him trying to sneak off, crawling on his knees. A sad site indeed, but if she did not get Sammy, Jr. hubby would have. Hubby is not a friend of the squirrel families in his yard. Sammy, Jr. is her fourth conquest in as many days.

  16. One too many Iggies in one place certainly can’t be a good thing for gardens but their chin up stance sure shows you how they feel about it lol

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