B&W Sunday: Size

Paula has a rather impressive image for her ‘Size’ theme, and invites us to post a photo showing her what we can come up with in terms of size.

I’m always impressed when we visit our local nature reserve, at the sheer size of some of the camera equipment that people (mostly the really elderly) cart around with them. I saw one little old lady pushing hers around in a sort of stroller. My tiny camera is dwarfed by these giant zoom lenses.


Paula was quite mischievous in the way she took her photo of Michelangelo’s David, so do pop over for a look.

Hope you’re all enjoying a great weekend.



65 comments on “B&W Sunday: Size

  1. I have A few friends who lug that stuff around and 1 friend who go to .. Africa, I suppose it’s like a golfer trying to decide which clubs to use ())? He brings as much as he can carry . I can’t imagine ,
    You know I’m always behind . It’s Tuesday already . Happy week Sylvia

  2. Sylvia we were at a photography workshop not so long ago and the teacher felt that these large lenses will go the way of the dodo bird. Certainly doesn’t fit our travel style that’s for sure.

  3. I also see some bird photographers at the salt marsh with giant lenses. My “bird zoom” is quite light, but even the 300mm lens to my new Canon is heavy to carry along. A good quality long lens (of the caliber in your photo) now costs much north of 10k and requires someone to carry it for you…so I will not opt for one πŸ˜€

  4. This is my Sunday catch up day, Sylvia! This amused me so much, especially when you added that the elderly are more likely to carry these, along with one pushing it in a stroller!! πŸ˜€

  5. Ironically, I’ve seen many, many seniors with huge cameras when we’ve taken our cruises. They look like their struggling when we’re on tours. This example you’ve captured in this fabulous photograph is exactly what they looks like.
    Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday …
    Issy 😎

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  7. wow…impressive lens…I don’t consider myself elderly but I have to say I often take photos with my iPhone because I find my Nikon is too heavy to carry round in some circumstances “just in case” I want to take a photo…

    • Yes it is, and there are many such huge lens on display around the boardwalk. I also take photos with my iPhone, but they’re never as good as with my Nikon x42 zoom, even though it’s a small camera.

      • like you I see many huge lenses where ever I go…just too heavy for me as I have neck/back issues. If I’m going specifically to take photos then I’ll bring my Nikon D3000. I agree completely, my Nikon takes far superior photos, having said that the iPhone works fine for certain situations.

  8. Each one takes what he needs. But imagine to go on a cruiser on the South Sea and then you cant carry such big gear about. It is good to get used to smaller gear in time. All one needs in 3 weeks must fit into one suitcase when the cabins are small…

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