The Big Reveal…….Ta-Dah!

I won’t keep you waiting any longer to know why I’m so excited about my Saturday purchase. Here’s my new ‘baby’.


When we sold our house in February and moved into this unfinished ‘renovator’s nightmare’, I couldn’t of course bring my piano with me, so I asked the guy we bought it from, to take it on consignment and sell it for me.  I had never felt any affinity with that piano as I had to the one I’d owned back in South Africa,  which our daughter now has and absolutely loves.


This piano had been my beautiful and faithful friend for over thirty years, and had given timid me the confidence to go out and perform in many different venues, such as hotels, restaurants, parties in private homes, and also for weddings and funerals.  It was on this piano that I composed songs for school concerts, practising endlessly to improve my playing. It had been with me through two house moves, adjusting well to living at the coast in air-conditioning, after fifteen years at high altitude in Johannesburg.  When we left South Africa, I was really sad to have to part with it, but I was comforted in the knowledge that it would still be in the family and would encourage our daughter to play again now that her children are grown up and she has more time on hr hands.


I asked my piano guy Roger to keep a look out for a black Yamaha G5, and on Friday he called to say that he had one in excellent condition for me to look at. It had been bought some years ago by a family who thought that their daughter was going to be a concert pianist. Their dream for her didn’t materialise as she lost interest, but they kept the piano anyway because it looked good in their home. When they decided to move to a smaller house, they had to sell, and Roger who had had been tuning it for years, was asked to sell it for them. Now it’s mine to enjoy, or at least it will be once hubby has finished with all the dust and mess. Yesterday he finished dry-walling the domed ceiling under which the piano will sit. Now it just has to be spackled and painted, and we need to buy a chandelier to hang in the centre.


The kitchen cabinets arrived  yesterday evening in huge flat packs, so there’s all that to do, not to mention the painting of walls and ceilings,  and the wooden floors to put down. I know it will still be a while until I can take delivery of my new baby, but it’s my shining light at the end of the tunnel.


I think I must get my whip out and speed up the proceedings, although I do believe hubby is pedalling as fast as he can, and I have to remember that he too needs to eat and sleep.

Happy Tuesday to you all.  Not one of you guessed what my exciting purchase was, so no prizes to give out. I’ll have to eat all the chocolate myself. 🙂


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