Wordless Wednesday: Cute Home-Builder

Mr. Weaver Bird putting the finishing touches to his love nest.


What a beautiful and wondrous world we are so privileged to live in! If only all humans could wake up each day and realise this, instead of wanting to hurt their fellow man. Today, my heartfelt thoughts are with the people of Istanbul and especially our dear blog friend https://photographyofnia.com/2016/06/29/do-not/ at this terrible time.




81 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Cute Home-Builder

  1. Beautiful photo Sylvia. Deeply saddened by the events in Istanbul and yesterdays siege and massacre in Bangladesh. All we can do is hope for the madness to end.

  2. hai proprio ragione Sylvia, l’armonia della natura a contrastare con le follie omicide di esseri che forse non sono umani, ma veri e propri demoni risaliti dall’inferno!

  3. Lovely shot, Sylvia. If only people could just take time out to see the beauty in the world instead of destroying innocent lives and terrorizing people. My heart goes out to those in Istanbul.

  4. Istanbul security did a great job. It could’ve been so much worst. They built an outstanding system, protection, and security measures over there, just the bird. We are grateful. I wish, at least, people learn gratitude over this.

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  6. Lovely home being built…similar to ones I have seen in S. Africa. Yes, it is awful to see ordinary people from all over the world being terrorised.

  7. We sure are Sylvia and I wish more people could realise that and also that how blessed we are. My heart goes out to those who must always live in fear. How terrible that must be. And then we sometimes have the cheek to complain about little things that doesn’t really matter.

    A stunning shot of this gorgeous weaver sweetheart. It’s so wonderful to see them create their artsy homes. πŸ˜€ β™₯

    • Thanks so much, Sonel. Yes, I just can’t imagine how some people make it from day to day, and to see the little children caught up in it, breaks my heart. Life just shouldn’t be like that. xx

      • Same here Sylvia and I feel the same. It’s really heartbreaking and when I hear about things like this, I also worry about the children, the elder and the animals. You are so right. Life should not be like that. β™₯

  8. You do leave us with some beautiful examples of nature, Sylvia, and I just wonder why those who do horrific, destructive acts do not see it. So much tragedy around the world we hear about some new event almost every day.

  9. What a lovely nest. They make a wonderful job of it, don’t they? Incidentally, a second your concern about people caught up in the terrible situation in Istanbul.

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