My Sunday Photo: Meet Peter Rabbit

Once again, a photo taken through my bathroom window.  Peter marsh rabbit had heard from the other critters around here, how they are all now famous on WP and FB, so he timidly crouched there waiting for me to open my blind this morning. What could be sweeter than sweet little Peter?

Big brown soulful eyes

Ears perked up ready for flight

Fur I’d love to stroke.


Have a lovely Sunday.


Birthday Lunch Grand Lux Style.

One of my favourite daytime restaurants here in West Palm is the ‘Grand Lux Café’, so for my birthday lunch, it was the obvious place to go.


I love everything about it; the decor,


the lighting,


and the bright colours.


We had a delightful booth next to a window, and the friendly service and casual ambience went down very well with my glass of ‘Blue Moon’.

Then came the food.

For starters, we had creamy mashed potato rolls in crispy Asian wrappers, topped with melted cheddar, applewood smoked bacon and green onion, served with sour cream. The lightly breaded and fried eggplant fritters, stuffed with mozzarella, fontina and parmesan cheese, and served over marinara sauce, were amazing.


Double stuffed potato spring rolls and Parmesan fritters.

For my main course, I chose the’ Salmon 3 Ways’ with sautéed spinach, which was so delicious. One piece was soy glazed with shiitake mushrooms, the second was horseradish crusted with asparagus, and the third was almond ginger with green beans and beurre blanc.


Salmon Three Ways

Hubby was predictable in his choice of deep fried battered fish and chips, which he thoroughly enjoyed.


For dessert, I asked if they had a birthday cupcake. Our waiter said that they didn’t, but he would bring me a complimentary edible birthday card with my warm butter cake. We shared this, as we were both quite full already. (We did take home with us, two of the parmesan fritters, the coleslaw and a piece of salmon, which together with potato salad, was enough for our dinner last night.)


Tonight we’re going out with our next door neighbours to a  Peruvian restaurant, which should be quite interesting; both the food and the company.  I did go to the gym this morning to make up for all this eating.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.


Floral Friday Fotos: Birthday Flowers

Thanks so much for all your very kind birthday wishes yesterday. I had a most fabulous day. I really love flowers, and as well as other pressies, I received two lovely orchids from my sister in South Africa.



My son Jeff, sent me gorgeous roses and lilies, and now the whole house is luxuriating in their wonderful perfume.


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow I’ll be generous and share my birthday lunch with you.


Word soon gets around

Today I celebrate my birthday, and it seems that my ‘Backyardigans’ had somehow got wind of the fact.

Most of the Iggy family turned up to say “Have a happy day.” I never saw so many of them in one place before. It was a real delegation.


I felt so honoured that Mr. GBH popped by yesterday for an early wish. I would have loved a selfie with him, but he didn’t want to share the glory.


Mr. and Mrs. Beakley came with their young brood, and gave the order, “Bottoms up!” which I thought was very appropriate.


Cheeky little Sammy peeping around the tree trunk, said “Hi…..Happy Birthday to you…… and BTW, when are you going to replace that bird feeder which I managed to destroy?”


I’ve been thoroughly spoilt by my family and friends and now I’m giving hubby the rest of the day off to take me out for lunch and shopping.

Hope you all have a great day too.

‘Eateries in Nature’ for the Photo a Week Challenge.

Everyone’s got to eat…..right? The creatures here in Florida are no exception to the rule, so I thought I’d show you a few favourite eateries around here for Nancy’s ‘Photo a Week Challenge’.

Red Cardinal is really spoilt, and has this somewhat ‘Seedy’ eatery all to himself.


Woody wood stork knows just where to dip his beak at the’ Swamperama’ restaurant to get a tasty morsel for breakfast.


Miss Rosy has been blessed with a spoon-shaped bill for daintily scooping up her food at the  ‘Aqua-fusion’ snack bar.


Great Egret likes to forage at the ‘Foliage Deli’ for yummy lizards and insects.

DSCN5084Lennie Limpkin is happy to snag a few apple snails at the ‘Waterfront Diner’.


Mr. GBH knows that there will always be a smorgasbord of delights at the ‘Lakeside Café’.


Big Al has sinister designs on any passing edibles as he lies in wait in his ‘Watery Den’ canteen.


Of course, dear Sammy squirrel just eats on the run at the ‘Gobble and Go’ take out.


Hope you enjoyed seeing where all the eating happens around here. Have a great rest of the week.

Pairs in Nature for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

I thought I’d stick with Nature for Ailsa’s Travel Theme ‘Pairs’.

This morning, just across from my bathroom window, Lennie Limpkin and Iggy spent a long time chatting together


Here’s a demanding pair of juvenile Anhingas, both vying for mom’s attention.


A pair of lovebirds. Mr. GBH whispering sweet nothings into his lady’s ear.


The Black-Bellied Whistling Duck says, “It’s no good telling me that they’re too big. This is the only pair I have.”


Wishing you all a happy week. To join in with Ailsa’s Travel Theme, just click the link.


WPC: Cherry On Top

I’m really not keen on cherries, so if I get a ‘cherry on top’, it always ends up on hubby’s plate.

This chocolate dessert was really delicious, especially without the cherry.


My blue Lychee cocktail had to have the cherry removed too, before I drank it.


One type of ‘cherry on top’ that I don’t mind is the cherry tomato,


but for hubby, the cherry on top is when I give him my pickled gherkin, as I don’t enjoy anything which has been in vinegar.


Happy Sunday to you all. If you have any ‘Cherry on top’ photos, just drop them off at this WPC link.


Ancient Stones for Cee’s B&W Challenge

This week’s topic for Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge, is ‘Older Than Fifty Years’.

I think this pile of huge stones on the southern side of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall England, really qualify. The Neolithic ‘Trethevy Quoit’ stands in the middle of a field next to a small housing estate on the moor. It’s made up of five large standing stones which support a massive capstone.


This megalithic tomb stands 9ft tall and is known locally as ‘The Giant’s House’. The quoit which probably served to mark a community grave, was originally covered by a grassy mound, and is believed to have been erected between 3700-3500 BC, so it’s pretty old. Now I would like to know how those stones which must each weigh several tons, were brought here, and then precisely positioned without the use of cranes or modern machinery. Do you believe in the ancient art of levitation?


To join in Cee’s challenge, click the link below.  Hope you’re having a great weekend. Tonight is dinner out with four new friends. Just as well, as our kitchen is still very much under construction.


A Surprise Visitor

Yesterday, hubby called me to come and have a look at his progress in the kitchen, as he’d just installed the new oven. Very exciting to see although it won’t be operational for a few weeks when the granite counter tops are in place. Even when I’m supposed to be admiring his handiwork, I always have one eye out of the window so as not to miss any action in the backyard, and suddenly I saw what looked like an owl, fly across my vision and up into a palm tree.


I decided that the best view would be from my bathroom window. There was a lot of excitement and noise from the smaller birds, who were flying back and forth to the tree where he was precariously perched on a swaying branch. Mr. Owl was not going to be intimidated though, and clung on. I couldn’t get a clear shot, as it was windy and the fronds from a smaller palm tree kept blowing across in front of where he was. I thought this was the best I was going to get.


Then all of a sudden, he turned and looked straight at me, as the palm fronds magically parted for a split second, and I pressed the shutter, hoping it would be in focus.


I’m linking this post to Charlotte’s’s ‘Feathers on Friday’ challenge.

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend. Hubby will continue working on the kitchen, and we’re looking forward to having dinner with new friends tomorrow evening.