Madrid’s Fountain of Cybele

One of the most recognisable landmarks in Madrid, is the 18th century, 8 metre tall ‘Fountain of Cybele’, which stands in front of  Cybele Palace, the city’s town hall. The fountains depicts  Cybele the Roman goddess of fertility, riding a chariot pulled by two lions. In her hand she holds a sceptre and a key to the city.


The Cybele fountain has become the location for celebrations after important victories  for  the Real Madrid football club, when the team’s flag is usually draped around the statue.

This is my entry for the ‘Fountain Series July’ challenge’. To add your contribution, click here

Happy Independence Day to all my American readers. Hope this is the start of a very good week for everyone.




61 comments on “Madrid’s Fountain of Cybele

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  2. what identifies her as the goddess of fertility? does she wear anything specific or anything? (sorry i could google it but you are SO GOOD at knowing all this stuff already, I’m always amazed at your knowledge when armchair travelling through your blog!)

    • She just was, and because of the Roman’s agricultural nature, her cult had tremendous appeal to the average citizen, especially the women. They believed that she was responsible for every aspect of a person’s life. She was the mistress of wild nature, symbolized by her constant companion, the lion. Not only was she was a healer (she both cured and caused disease) but also the goddess of fertility and protectress in time of war, even offering immortality to her followers. She is depicted in statues either on a chariot pulled by lions, or enthroned carrying a bowl and drum, wearing a mural crown ( flanked by lions. Her worshipers would work themselves into an emotional frenzy and self-mutilate, symbolic of her lover’s self-castration. So you see, she was quite the woman. 😀

  3. I always find fountains like this very difficult to walk past on very hot days. I just want to jump in and cool off. Unfortunately, this might lead to me cooling off in a prison cell too, so I always have to resist the urge.

  4. beautiful fountain, the old-sea-faring nations did delight in designing impressive fountains didn’t they. Nothing in Switzerland can compare to the majestic fountains in France, Italy or Spain and of course the UK ..

  5. This was a marvelous fountain from Madrid, Spain! Thank you for sharing since the marble sculpture of the chariot is so unique, Sylvia. Those cherubs are cute.
    Happy Fourth of July to you and yours!

  6. The chariot is 4 wheel design. I only have seen 2 wheel ones (in the movies :)). This makes the chariot looks more like a modern car.

    Hope you get more sunshine today and have a happy 4th of July.

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