WPC ‘Opposites’ in Punta Cana

This Week’s Photo Challenge is ‘Opposites’.

Just offshore in Punta Cana, lie the remains of a shipwreck which has been there since 1978. During a storm, the Astron,  a Russian-owned  cargo ship of about 120 metres, was torn apart into two pieces, with the bow standing vertically above water and the stern on its side under water. This was opposite to where we were sunbathing on the beach. Also opposite to the wreck,  was a rescue mission going on for a stranded windsurfer.


These two vessels were opposites, both in size and also in condition. The one was long past redemption, whilst the windsurfer just needed a bit of help before it was on its merry  way through the blue, blue waters of the Caribbean.

To see more entries for the WPC, just click the link: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/opposites/

Looking at this photo, I’ve got itchy feet again. It’s ‘ot-as-‘ell here in Palm Beach. The Iguana extended family and Sammy squirrel are all laying low. Not a critter to be seen. Have a great Wednesday.

64 comments on “WPC ‘Opposites’ in Punta Cana

  1. I don’t blame you to wish for a vacation and maybe your husband could take a break with final engineering, home repair projects (?!) I am going to send you best wishes in an island escape, Sylvia. . . 😉

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  3. You have quite the contrast there, Sylvia. Seems you ought to talk hubby into taking a break from all that ‘work’ on the house and taking care of your itchy feet. I just had this thought pop into my head that you should have called your blog ‘itchy feet’ since it’s such a testament to all of your exciting travels. 😀

    • Not likely that he’ll be taking a break any time soon. He’s making really good progress and will start painting tomorrow. I think I’ll pass on calling my blog, “Itchy Feet.” People might avoid me, thinking I have a fungal infection. 😆

  4. What a great and creative interpretation of the challenge, Sylvia! And I understand the itch. It’s ‘ot-as-‘ell here too, not a birdie visible at the marsh. A/C earns its keep 🙂

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