Three Coins in the Fountain


Rome’s Baroque style Trevi Fountain, is one of the most famous in the world. Sculpted from Travertine stone quarried in Tivoli, work began in 1732 and it was finished in 1762. The most recent restoration of this beautiful and artistic edifice, was completed in 2015 at a cost of 2,2 m, and was paid for by the Italian fashion company Fendi.


The tradition of throwing coins into the fountain whilst making a wish, is thanks to the 1954 award winning movie ‘Three Coins in the Fountain’, and results in over 3,000 per day being thrown into the Trevi. This money is collected each evening, and distributed among the poor. In 2008, it was also used to  open a low-cost supermarket in the city, for the needy. To ensure your return to Rome, you are supposed to throw your coin with your right hand, over your left shoulder, something which I’ve done on both my visits there. I’m sure many of you have done the same thing.

If you have any fountain photos to share, visit ‘Polianthus Fountain Challenge July’

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91 comments on “Three Coins in the Fountain

  1. I loved the fountain – crowds and all – and was drawn back to it repeatedly over the time we spent there. No photo I had ever seen prepared me for how large it was.

    I was staggered by the amount you quoted that was collected each day! That is serious coinage!

  2. Each time I’ve been to Rome, I’ve made a point of tossing a coin – or three – into the Fontana. I’m always a bit surprised to find myself back there, any number of years later, with more coins to toss. I just did it again at the end of April. Let’s see if it works again. Sure hope so! 🙂

  3. We couldn’t get near the fountain for crowds, but I’m pleased to hear the money goes to charity. I did come home and watch the movie Three Coins in a Fountain again and loved it!

  4. Such a beautiful place … and the most shocking thing to me is that the relationship between the size of the fountain and the space of the square. Beautiful pic, Sylvia!

  5. I’ve been here before and after the restoration… It looks even more amazing now. With regard to the coin throwing, your first coin is means you will return to Rome, the second coin brings love and the third brings marriage. I’m still waiting for the love part 😉

    • Hahaha Yes, I also had it in my head most of the day, that was until I saw someone’s blog where they’d posted a photo of a Black Eyed Susan flower. Then, the song in my head changed to Guy Mitchell’s ‘Pretty Little Black Eyed Susie’. 😀

  6. This is a special place which features in my bucket dream list, Sylvia! The traditional right hand throw over the left shoulder is how I will throw my coins. Thank you for sharing where the money goes. . .
    There is a new Shirley Maclaine film where she plays an older woman whose dream is to get in the fountain while dressed up in a gown with fur. It is a very poignant movie, where love is possible to be found, no matter how old you (I am) are! 🙂 My Mom went here before she married my Dad so I have to hope she made a wish which kept them together 44 years till he died. ❤

  7. We went to the Trevi Fountain in October 2014 when it was being restored! Just been to Venice where the Rialto Bridge was also being beautified! I expect if we ever go to Pisa, they will have righted the ‘Leaning Tower’ in the week we visit!!

    • Hahaha I know what you mean. The Rialto Bridge was also under wraps when we were there in 2011. I wonder why it’s taking them so long to restore it. I suppose when things are so old, there will always be repair work that needs doing, but it is disappointing when you’ve travelled all that way to see it and then can’t. 😕

      • Ah well them’s the breaks! We were able to go over the Rialto Bridge-just couldn’t see it as it was sort of wrapped up! Wow, we only went last month so that’s 5 years of restoration! 😉

  8. This is such a cool shot. I have yet to see these awesome fountains myself … But they’re on the list 🙂 and when I get there I’ll probably throw some coins in 🙂

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