WPC ‘Look Up’

Nancy Thanki’s theme for this weeks photo challenge is ‘Look Up’, so I went outside to my backyard to see what I could see above me.

One of the palm trees has suddenly sprouted a rather interesting looking flower.


The one next to it is doing something quite different.


Of course there’s the ubiquitous iguana sitting looking up next to the water’s edge. He seems to be getting used to me now, and didn’t scuttle away. It’s much too hot for hurrying today.


Returning to the house, I climbed over various boxes and wires to see how hubby is doing. Looking up at the kitchen ceiling, I see that he’s tried out the silver paint on one of the metal panels. I quite like it.


Looking out of the dining room window, I spy yet another Iggy up on the top of next door’s roof.


Think I’ll just go back to my bedroom and look up at the ceiling fan going round. Hopefully, there are no iguanas in here.


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Happy Thursday everyone. .


89 comments on “WPC ‘Look Up’

  1. Most of us are so accustomed to looking ahead or down that we neglect up. There’s another world up there just waiting for us to lift our heads. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi there! Love the palm flowers and fruits – I was amazed once, in Ft. Meyers I think it was, when I wandered through a very small park planted with many different species of palms, and found they all had fascinating flowers and fruit – not to mention the bark. It’s not just the leaves! πŸ™‚ (I like the silver, too).

  3. Love the palm tree and a very ”chilled looking”(as my daughters would say) Iguana…and your house is looking very grand, you will have to do a ”look up” for the whole house soon.

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  5. The ceiling looks very nice. I have exactly the same feeling after seeing the Iggy on the roof. I would try to make sure there is no secret door that any Iggy can get into the house.

  6. The flower in the palm looks like a dust mop got caught up in a wind and landed there. πŸ™‚
    The ceiling is going to look marvelous Sylvia and I love those fans!

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