WPC: Details of a Green ‘Peeping Tom’

Yesterday morning, Mr. Igasho decided to take a flying leap at the bush outside my bathroom window. It gave a me a chance to examine him in a bit more detail.


I think he probably was thinking the same about me. “Hmm…..Lets have a closer look at this human who is always taking my photo.”


To see more detailed posts, just click the link

Have a great day. I’m off to the gym with my new neighbour. We motivate one another to go every other day.



83 comments on “WPC: Details of a Green ‘Peeping Tom’

  1. I like the details in this one! I always am amazed at the variety of creatures who must notice you and seem to “pose” for the pretty lady. (You, Sylvia! 🙂 )

  2. Whoa! Are you sure you don’t live in the Galapagos or some such exotic island??? Love that second shot where he’s giving you the look 🙂

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  4. More beautiful photographs, Sylvia! But I am starting to worry that he is indeed as creepy as he looks! Today he’s peeping through the bathroom window, tomorrow he’s staring at you in your sleep!

    • Please don’t give me nightmares, Dries. I accidentally left the front door ajar when I went to the gym today. Now hubby will have to search every bit of the house before I go to bed tonight. 😯

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