Pairs in Nature for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

I thought I’d stick with Nature for Ailsa’s Travel Theme ‘Pairs’.

This morning, just across from my bathroom window, Lennie Limpkin and Iggy spent a long time chatting together


Here’s a demanding pair of juvenile Anhingas, both vying for mom’s attention.


A pair of lovebirds. Mr. GBH whispering sweet nothings into his lady’s ear.


The Black-Bellied Whistling Duck says, “It’s no good telling me that they’re too big. This is the only pair I have.”


Wishing you all a happy week. To join in with Ailsa’s Travel Theme, just click the link.


81 comments on “Pairs in Nature for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

  1. Lennie L. sure looks young and soft in his feathers, and I absolutely loved the ducks “too big” feet which he will have to “keep” since they came with him. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ Sylvia, you crack me up!
    The other night my friend and I watched the “Spy” movie (from the library but redbox may have it still ) with Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law. There is a woman in it, who usually is quite awkward in a PBS show called, “Call the Midwife.” Anyway, she becomes a great ally and spy with Melissa’s character. I laughed and just wanted to say it wasn’t a mean comedy nor raunchy. πŸ™‚

  2. Ha ha! llove the Black-Bellied Whistling duck, I sure hope he grows into those flippers! All the photos are really interesting, but especially Lennie Limpkin and Iggy, imagine those two tolerating each other….wildlife is endlessly fascinating.

  3. Sylvia these are all just so wonderful and I love your captions!! You should really put a book together. I find all this wildlife outside your window quite remarkable!

  4. Oh Sylvia, what a wonderful view you have every day. At first I wondered if Lennie Limpkin was sizing Iggy up as a potential meal, but I decided he probably wouldn’t want to be picking those spiky bits out of his teeth all day! πŸ™‚

  5. Love the pairs, Sylvia, even though I misread that part of the title as “Paris” for a moment. Pairs and Paris are a good combination anyway, although perhaps not these pairs. And then there are always pears, but enough. I’m back to work getting ready for my trip to Wyoming on Friday (supposed to be at the end of August, but circumstances at worked changed, so…)


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