‘Eateries in Nature’ for the Photo a Week Challenge.

Everyone’s got to eat…..right? The creatures here in Florida are no exception to the rule, so I thought I’d show you a few favourite eateries around here for Nancy’s ‘Photo a Week Challenge’.

Red Cardinal is really spoilt, and has this somewhat ‘Seedy’ eatery all to himself.


Woody wood stork knows just where to dip his beak at the’ Swamperama’ restaurant to get a tasty morsel for breakfast.


Miss Rosy has been blessed with a spoon-shaped bill for daintily scooping up her food at theΒ  ‘Aqua-fusion’ snack bar.


Great Egret likes to forage at the ‘Foliage Deli’ for yummy lizards and insects.

DSCN5084Lennie Limpkin is happy to snag a few apple snails at the ‘Waterfront Diner’.


Mr. GBH knows that there will always be a smorgasbord of delights at the ‘Lakeside CafΓ©’.


Big Al has sinister designs on any passing edibles as he lies in wait in his ‘Watery Den’ canteen.


Of course, dear Sammy squirrel just eats on the run at the ‘Gobble and Go’ take out.


Hope you enjoyed seeing where all the eating happens around here. Have a great rest of the week.

72 comments on “‘Eateries in Nature’ for the Photo a Week Challenge.

  1. Your wonderful post and photos remind me of a particularly industrious bird of prey (falcon or hawk?) who hunts every morning above a field and river where I walk my dog. I’ve seen her (surely males aren’t that diligent!) carrying fish and rodents back to a large nest, flying overhead several passes every morning. Sometimes you’re the hunter and sometimes you’re the hunted, huh?

  2. Your back yard is a veritable smorgasbord for your co-inhabitants, a;though Big Al is one dinner guest that I’d prefer would go elsewhere for his meals.

  3. This post would make a great children’s non-fiction picture book, Silvia. It has facts and humour….but the dreaded alligator would need to go at the end, for the ”gasp” at the end of the story!

      • How about googling a few US or Florida educational publishers and looking at their guidelines, or just try emailing an editor for guidelines. Or try British educational guidelines. I think your stories are Junior Fiction (aged about 4 to 12)

    • Thanks, I will. There is a friend who lives here who does amazing cartoon sketches, who also suggested that we collaborate on a book. He’s up north for the summer, but when he gets back in the fall, we’ll be in touch. πŸ™‚

  4. Your animal or bird sanctuary eateries have such clever names created by you, Sylvia, πŸ™‚ the fun observer of her wildlife neighborhood. I liked Miss Rosy and her eatery the best, Aqua-fusion, as well as the Great Egret’s Foliage Deli! πŸ™‚ ❀ Hope your week keeps going "swimmingly!"

  5. oh this is so much fun, Sylvia! wonderful array of restaurants, diners, cafes and quite an impressive selection on the menu! thank you! πŸ™‚

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