My Sunday Photo: Meet Peter Rabbit

Once again, a photo taken through my bathroom window.Β  Peter marsh rabbit had heard from the other critters around here, how they are all now famous on WP and FB, so he timidly crouched there waiting for me to open my blind this morning. What could be sweeter than sweet little Peter?

Big brown soulful eyes

Ears perked up ready for flight

Fur I’d love to stroke.


Have a lovely Sunday.


76 comments on “My Sunday Photo: Meet Peter Rabbit

  1. I have started to talk to the butterflies in my garden, telling them all about the fame they can have like your Floridian wildlife, begging them to rest a while so I can get a shot. Not working all that well so far… as for Peter, I wouldn’t want to encourage his cousins here, I’m afraid they’d eat the lettuce.

  2. I cannot believe the wildlife in your garden, it is incredible, you are so fortunate. Love the photo of Peter, but for once I am happy he is not in our garden! We don’t have any rabbits, or rather I have never seen any here, for which I am most grateful, they would munch their way through my vegetable garden far too quickly!!!

  3. He (she) is so cute. I am about to have a different picture of your bathroom now. I can see that may start to have photographic equipment ready to take anything that comes to view πŸ™‚

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