Naughty Sammy has a rival

At the weekend, we replaced our squirrel-demolished bird feeder with a much stronger one, and it didn’t take long for Sammy to find it. He managed to unscrew the metal lid, and although I missed the action, must have stuck his head in and gobbled as much seed as he could reach. We wondered why the level had gone down so quickly. Greedy little rascal! Anyway, I found the lid in the grass and hubby fixed it back on very tightly.

Success! …… A Blue Jay found the feeder, and helped himself to a healthy snack.


Sammy has now found an alternative source of nutrition…….. the fallen bits of palm tree flowers, and spends his day stripping them. They are obviously quite delicious.


Wishing you all a great Tuesday. The granite guy is here at the moment making the templates for our kitchen tops, so things are definitely progressing.



62 comments on “Naughty Sammy has a rival

  1. If the granite man is there, things are definitely progressing. Yay! As for Sammy, well, that’s why I do’t have any feeders other than the new hummingbird feeder. THe squirrels already treat the neighborhood’s gardens like a smorgasbord Why give them an even larger selection? πŸ™‚

  2. I like the way your squirrel is so cute, Sylvia! There are average looking and scroungy squirrels but yours definitely shows his nice coat and fluffy fur through your camera lens. He is sure lucky to have plenty of choices around your home and neighborhood. πŸ™‚

  3. I love Sammy’s ability to track down food – and obviously any food will do. He is a greedy little guy, that’s for sure. At the moment, it’s possums helping themselves in our garden. They eat the mandarines but leave the skin hanging on the tree.

  4. Naughty Sammy definitely looks healthy. Our birds are the naughty ones. They boldly sit on the outdoor table or chairs next to the cats and wait for the felines to get their noses out of the cat food so they can steal it. Squirrels – they just hide in their holes, burrow under our yard and eat grass roots. I wish they liked weeds! πŸ™‚

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