B&W Sunday: 103 Today

Paula’s B&W Sunday challenge is ‘Traces Of The Past’.

Today, Kathleen my darling mom-in-law, is celebrating her 103rd birthday.


What an inspiration she is to the whole family. Born in 1913, she has come through both world wars, giving  birth to three children during the second one. She is still full of fun and loves a good laugh.


Always elegant, she takes a pride in her appearance, and you will never see her without her earrings.


She is still hail and hearty, having survived her husband and all of her siblings.  Living on her own in a two storey house, she told us last Sunday that to keep fit and get more exercise she had just walked up and down the stairs a few times. Being such a positive person even at her advanced age, means that she has a great many friends who enjoy her company. For her 90th birthday, she made this amazing strawberry pavlova for all her guests.


Her 100th birthday was of course an extra special occasion, and attended by over a hundred people.


A week later, she was on a Rhine Cruise with her family, rocking the night away.


Today, she has eleven of her friends coming to her house for tea, and on Sunday, is taking family and friends out for lunch to the local pub. where we all had a wonderful Christmas lunch last year.


Cheers to my gorgeous MiL, who has lived a long and happy life. She may have many traces of the past, but loves living in the modern world and certainly makes every day count.

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count; it’s the life in your years.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Have a wonderful Thursday.


95 comments on “B&W Sunday: 103 Today

  1. Blessed are those who have learned how to live, for they will never grow old. 🙂 I’m late to the party but hope your mom-in-law had a wonderful birthday.❤

  2. Thanks so much, Sylvia, for this inspiring and joyous post. I loved seeing the different photos of your MiL over the years, and seeing the verve and spirit in each one. Fantastic!

  3. It is the Life in your years!! Sylvia, what a remarkable woman and she is such a blessing with her beautiful smile and earrings!! I hope you and your husband take after his mother by reaching a whopping 103!
    Love and hugs sent belatedly to your fabulous MIL, Sylvia. ❤ Happy birthday all year round! 🙂

  4. What a wonderful woman & a fitting tribute to her Sylvia. The women who survived in that generation were so resilient, they are good role models for the rest of us. Paul & I are having a laugh at her walking up & down her stairs … P’s Mum is 90 soon & has to be restrained from too much exercise!

  5. A wonderful Birthday to your MiL. I do remember the 100th and she hasn’t changed a bit. It is the right attitude to life and joy in life which keeps us young and going!

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  7. So true. Best wishes and blessings for a very special lady. Your hubby is lucky to be surrounded by some really special Leos in his life. Thank you for linking this very special post to my challenge, Sylvia. I feel honoured.

  8. The biggest of hugs and birthday wishes for your amazing Mom in law! She sounds absolutely incredible and what a zest for life she has. I wonder how many 103 year olds live happily in their own home? I wonder how many 103 year old there are ! Fantastic. This made my day Sylvia. 🙂

  9. What a fantastic lady, she is utterly beautiful, both in her younger photos and the ones today, still just as elegant, I felt so uplifted seeing these, please send her a big hug from France from me. It looks as though she is still in the UK, with the mention of the pub and a dart board in the background? If so, I hope she got her letter from the Queen for her 100th birthday. Xx

  10. Goodness, what a wonderful outlook on life! Certainly has plenty of life in her years, woman after my own heart! Give her a big hug from me, a lady she has never met, but who much admires her spirit

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