Odd Ball Table Decor for Cee’s Challenge

A few weeks ago we were invited to a friend’s 80th birthday lunch. It was a surprise party, and I wish you could have seen Marty’s face when he stepped out of the elevator and saw all his friends gathered around to greet him. His partner has a great sense of humour, as was demonstrated by the quirky table decorations.

No prizes for guessing that he used to be a dentist.


He’d also been involved in the world of Finance,


and his favourite sport is golf.


It was a great party with much hilarity, especially when she insisted on having a photo taken with her pretending to brush his teeth.


Have a great Monday, everyone.








60 comments on “Odd Ball Table Decor for Cee’s Challenge

  1. Sylvia when I saw the first photo I admit I wondered what in the blazes you could be writing about. As you might have guessed I love a good laugh. What a fun party. Was there a giant tube of toothpaste? 🙂

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