The Mystery of the Disappearing Birdseed

Lots of rain and clouds here in the past few days. Today, the Blue Jay popped in to check out the bird feeder.


Whatcha looking at, lady?

He and his mates chased off the red-bellied woodpecker before I could get a decent photo.


“Those mean old Blue Jays just don’t want to share. “

My Backyardigan friends can be quite demanding, and when it comes to food, they squabble a lot.


“Time to fill my feeder up again. That greedy rascal Sammy squirrel has shaken out most of my seeds and gobbled them up.”


“Who, me!?? Look, I’m not eating your seeds, am I? Just get your facts straight!”


Basil, who’s supposed to be on look out duty, didn’t see a thing.


Iggy says,”I really can’t point fingers, because I’m too busy munching all the leaves off this hibiscus bush.”


Grandpa Igasho says, “Just cool it will you!Β  All these accusations make my hair stand on end.”

Well, I guess we’ll never get to the bottom of it, so the only thing to do is buy another bag of bird/squirrel seed.

Wishing you all a great Tuesday.


73 comments on “The Mystery of the Disappearing Birdseed

  1. Great photos & story … I love your wild life… We are on holiday in North Queensland & the vegetation looks very similar to yours … In fact the little geckos got into the TV & it no longer works! Where would we be without them!!

  2. Love those Iggy shots, for a non indiginous species they are taking off in population. Good thing you don’t have any of the rock pythons in your neighborhood.

  3. What a wide menagerie or cast of characters you have there, Sylvia! They all seem to co-exist fairly well. You should find out if bird/squirrel food is tax-deductible as very necessary for your blogging critter posts! πŸ˜‰

  4. I was given a beautiful bird feeder as a housewarming gift and have never installed it because of the accursed squirrel, my nemesis. He is far too skilled an acrobat and too cunning a thief for me to prevent him from getting all of the birdseed. This ain’t right! πŸ™‚

    • Haha Iggy’s long green fingers do look as though they could get into all sorts of trouble, but I don’t think he’s guilty this time. He’s ruining my chances of any hibiscus flowers, though. 😦

  5. lol, well this made my day.. thats quit a cast of characters you have there, and i know thats a short cast of friends today.. i just love iggy and Basil.
    have a great rest of the week Sylvia

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