Mr. GBH gets Frivolous on Friday

Mr. GBH is usually such a stately figure, except for the rare occasion when he throws dignity to the wind and decides to ‘let it all hang out’.

He’s mostly visible as a feathered statue, surveying his fishing territory.


Sometimes he can look rather dour, or maybe he’s just meditating on the meaning of life


Occasionally he will fluff himself up and do a bit of a fashion show.


So it was quite surprising when this morning, he decided to pretend that he was a swan, and go for sail around our lake.


He even did a little happy dance on the water.


Maybe he’s excited because it’s the weekend.

( Sorry these photos aren’t very sharp. The sun was awfully dazzling.)


Hope your weekend plans are as exciting as Mr. GBH’s seem to be.







62 comments on “Mr. GBH gets Frivolous on Friday

  1. How very clever of him to do that and for you to catch him at it! I’ve never seen our GBHs perform such antics. Well… perhaps the fluffed up bit, but that’s all.

  2. When I look at the second picture, I can’t help wondering what profound thoughts are going through his mind. Of course, he’s probably just thinking, “Want fish. Want fish. Want fish.”

  3. Saw his long lost cousin last night when we were down swimming in the river. My husband saw him first, and when I turned to look he was flying away!

    Mr. GBH is impressive as always. As is your wonderful talent of bringing a relatable side to nature and it’s beauty. Bravo again. πŸ™‚

  4. Haha, love your stories, Sylvia! And Mr. GBH is a real treat – showing off numerous posings and feather work. Some great shots there, but I must admit I have never, ever seen the swan swim before. Have a great weekend!

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