Macro Monday: Passion Butterfly

Through my bathroom window, I spied this pretty Gulf Fritillary, also known as the ‘Passion Butterfly’. She sat very patiently whilst I tried to get her in focus.


This butterfly is very common in the southern United States, and produces multiple generations each year. I wonder if she is a relative ofΒ  the poor dead beauty I found at the beginning of May. I think she may have stopped by to say ‘Hi. Thanks for the nice sendoff you gave to my mom.”

Jude also hosts a ‘Macro Monday’ here.

Happy Monday to you all. Hope your week is going to be a really good one.





72 comments on “Macro Monday: Passion Butterfly

    • Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and prayers, dear Robin. Yes, I am fully recovered now. I’m just about to send a ‘thank you’ email to my doctor in South Africa. He and his lovely ‘front desk’ young ladies were so wonderful. xx

  1. Wonderful flutter-by and great shot. I wish our butterflies would land and sit long enough for me to get them in focus. They were very busy amongst the blackberry bushes.

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