Travel Theme ‘Writing’: A Precious Memento

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is ‘Writing’.Β  I have kept this precious scrap of paper in my various purses for over three decades. My son who is now forty-years-old, presented me with this love note when he was six. Occasionally I take it out and remember the gap-toothed grin on his face when he handed it to me.


These days, nothing has changed. Now with three children of his own, he still sends loving messages to his mom, but from his iPhone.


Have a lovely Thursday, and be sure to enjoy every moment.

“The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.”
~Abraham Lincoln




87 comments on “Travel Theme ‘Writing’: A Precious Memento

  1. Precious is right! On the bulletin board to my right is a hand drawn “thank You” from my 6 year-old nephew from when I bought him his first dog. (With his parents’ permission, of course.) This is the same nephew that accompanied me to Italy last spring and is now 25 years-old. I value that yellowed piece of artwork more than the combined worth of all hanging on my walls. πŸ™‚

  2. That’s a special treasure. I have many notes my daughters have written over the years. The funniest was the one I found taped to the back of my daughter’s bedroom door when she was six. It said, “Dear Government, my parents are mean.” I figured we were doing a good job as parents!

  3. Sylvia, hi dear! I definitely would save that darling note. I kept a few from each child over the years, now my grandies I put on the fridge. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! ❀

  4. How precious, especially since he still writes you love notes. One thing I have always regretted is not keeping the love notes my little nieces and nephews used to write me. Sometimes they would bring me wild flowers (aka as weeds) to show their love.

  5. I too have kept them all and now, finally, at 43 years old, with kids of his own, my son is grateful!! The closet mush head has his own stash of these kinds of notes from his boys now too. We are organizing them together these days and discovering amazing surprises. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Aren’t these little notes just the best. Treasure it for ever. I have every note, on every scrap of paper the children have ever written to me, with five of them, that means a Victorian writing chest full of bits of paper, it’s probably my most treasured possession in the house and the thing I would grab first if there were to be a fire.

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