B&W Sunday: Towering Twins

Paula’s B&W Sunday Challenge took me back to May 2001 when we visited our son who at that time was living in Hoboken. On our first evening, we walked down to the river and looked across to see the Twin Towers of the WTC. The next day hubby and I had breakfast at the famous ‘Windows On The World’ restaurant at the top of 1 Tower.  Little did we realise that just four months later it would be raised to the ground in a horrific terrorist attack.






73 comments on “B&W Sunday: Towering Twins

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  2. It’s strange how context can affect our view of things. What twenty years ago would have been a perfectly pleasant view of New York is now something we look at now with feelings of sorrow. 😦

  3. Such a sobering thought — a matter of four months. For some, though, the escape was a matter of four minutes. Their disappearance is a monument to human stupidity and credulity.

  4. Very nice B&W of the towers. I had similar experience. I was staying at one of the tower (I do not remember which one now) and then a few months later the towers were blown.

  5. This beautiful picture brings similar memories to me. We also visited the towers with our son a few years earlier. And that day is still fairly fresh in my memory due to all the drama and chaos I came to witness first hand in Washington D.C. as my office was next to the White House.

    • I think we all have our own memories of either visiting the Twin Towers, or of hearing about the attack. I was in South Africa when it happened, but my son was in New York, and I remember that day very well.

    • It’s definitely an event which will always be remembered with great sadness by we who were alive at the time. When I saw the news of the attack, my first thought was for the jolly elevator man and the lovely woman who gave me extra Philly cheese with my bagel. I hope they were okay.

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