Cee’s FFC ‘Feathers’: Splendour In The Grass

I have so many bird photos, so  the question was “Which ones to choose?” For something a bit different for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, I decided to do a feathers and grass combination.

Here is the elegant Great Egret stalking around amongst the grass stalks, looking for tasty morsels.


The bright blue eyed White Ibis is doing much the same.


Mr. Anhinga shows us how he dries off his wet feathers whilst scratching his back.


Mr. GBH  at his most sinister as he skulks along the shore-line looking for supper.


How beautiful is this Purple Gallinule as he clambers through the marsh grasses on his long legs?


Just a stray bit of grass qualifies this gorgeous Tri-colored Heron to be included in my  post today.


Wishing you all a very happy week.


70 comments on “Cee’s FFC ‘Feathers’: Splendour In The Grass

  1. The purple gallinule is the prettiest bird today in my opinion. Your tri-colored heron photograph with the shadows and ripples on the water was a “simply dreamy shot!” Silvia, this was a beautiful collection! xo

  2. Great capture of these feather friends. One of the Mr. GBH looks like the photographer was laying down ? That is a good shot. I also like the color of the Purple Gallinule. His purple feathers look a bit shiny. That is cool.

  3. Love the title, Sylvia, and that last shot is really great. On my walk today, I saw four herons, but I didn’t have my Nikon so I had to just enjoy them as is. It was such a lift to my sort of dreary morning.


  4. All gorgeous Sylvia. What I really noticed was the difference in beak size. Of course all for different purposes but I began chuckling at the thought of the narrative going on between them as they bragged about how useful each of their schnozzes was. 🙂

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