Hanging Around On A Saturday Morning

Sammy hanging around eating his breakfast.


Sammy and I wish you all a very happy Saturday.




Feathers on Friday: What a red nose you have!

This Common Gallinule seen at our local wildlife reserve is quite conspicuous with his  red nose and forehead. His exceptionally long toes enable him to walk atop floating vegetation. As you can see, he has no lobes or webbing to help in swimming, but he is nevertheless a very good swimmer.


I just popped into my bathroom a few minutes ago, and looking out of the window, I counted nine Iguanas, two Squirrels, two Blue Jays, a Red-bellied Woodpecker and a Red Cardinal. No ‘Partridge In A Pear Tree’, though. 🙂

Have a great weekend.


Travel Theme ‘Writing’: A Precious Memento

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is ‘Writing’.  I have kept this precious scrap of paper in my various purses for over three decades. My son who is now forty-years-old, presented me with this love note when he was six. Occasionally I take it out and remember the gap-toothed grin on his face when he handed it to me.


These days, nothing has changed. Now with three children of his own, he still sends loving messages to his mom, but from his iPhone.


Have a lovely Thursday, and be sure to enjoy every moment.

“The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.”
~Abraham Lincoln




WPC: Family Having Fun

The Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Fun’ made me think of my grandchildren who really know how to have fun.

Here they are with their mom in a wind tunnel machine at the South Florida Science Center , being almost blown away. Not my idea of fun, but they so enjoyed it.


Sienna’s happy smile says ‘I’m having fun.”


My oldest granddaughter Tamsyn had lots of fun at our Christmas lunch with Great Grandma in England.


On the way home, I inexplicably got caught up in a bit of fun with two court jesters at Heathrow airport and hubby captured the moment.


If you have any fun photos to share, just click the badge and be sure to have a fun Wednesday. 🙂

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016





B&W Sunday: My Favourite Bird

Paula’s B&W Sunday Challenge is to post one of our favourite photos in B&W. Here is my favourite subject, although Sammy Squirrel and Iggy are both vying for second place.

Mr. GBH is doing a bit of home renovation.


Wishing you all a very happy day.



Macro Monday: Passion Butterfly

Through my bathroom window, I spied this pretty Gulf Fritillary, also known as the ‘Passion Butterfly’. She sat very patiently whilst I tried to get her in focus.


This butterfly is very common in the southern United States, and produces multiple generations each year. I wonder if she is a relative of  the poor dead beauty I found at the beginning of May. I think she may have stopped by to say ‘Hi. Thanks for the nice sendoff you gave to my mom.”

Jude also hosts a ‘Macro Monday’ here.

Happy Monday to you all. Hope your week is going to be a really good one.





Mr. GBH gets Frivolous on Friday

Mr. GBH is usually such a stately figure, except for the rare occasion when he throws dignity to the wind and decides to ‘let it all hang out’.

He’s mostly visible as a feathered statue, surveying his fishing territory.


Sometimes he can look rather dour, or maybe he’s just meditating on the meaning of life


Occasionally he will fluff himself up and do a bit of a fashion show.


So it was quite surprising when this morning, he decided to pretend that he was a swan, and go for sail around our lake.


He even did a little happy dance on the water.


Maybe he’s excited because it’s the weekend.

( Sorry these photos aren’t very sharp. The sun was awfully dazzling.)


Hope your weekend plans are as exciting as Mr. GBH’s seem to be.







Thursday’s Special: Cornish Seascape

Paula’s Thursday’s Special Challenge is ‘Seascape’.

Here is a seascape along the Cornish Coast, which includes a view of the old Towanroath pumping station at Wheal Coates, the old tin mine which lies between Porthtowan and St Agnes. The mine opened in 1802 and was worked until 1889, and in 2006 was granted UNESCO’s World Heritage Status.


Happy Thursday to you all. To see Paula’s challenge and her her beautiful seascape,  just click the link.


B&W Sunday: Looking over London from above

Paula’s B&W Sunday Challenge ‘From Above’ reminded me of the great views from the windows of the London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel. This view from above, of the Gothic style UK Houses of Parliament on the northern bank of the River Thames, with nearby Westminster Abbey and the iconic tower of Big Ben, seemed to lend itself quite well to the B&W treatment. I hope that Paula agrees with me.


Have a great Wednesday.


Tomorrow the granite people arrive to install my kitchen counter tops. Yay!!