Would Igasho’s Orangeness Get Your Vote?

Question: When is a green Iguana not green? Answer: When he’s orange, of course!


Do you think he’s been eating too many of these tangerine-coloured fruits which fall off the palm trees?


Or maybe, he’s been a bit overly free with the spray tan, which could account for his Trump-orange jowls.


Just a bit of Thursday fun. πŸ™‚ Hope yours is a good one.






88 comments on “Would Igasho’s Orangeness Get Your Vote?

  1. Orange you glad I didn’t say, “Banana?” There is a silly (kindergarten)
    Knock, knock joke and you keep saying banana until you say “Orange” to:
    “who’s there?”

  2. In all seriousness though, Sylvia, the change in colour is fascinating! Do you think it really is because of the colour of his food, or has it got something to do with a territorial or mating display do you think?

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