A Happy Reunion

I’ve been unpacking boxes for days, some from our last house, but mostly from our house we sold in South Africa two years ago. Everything was packed up and kept in a warehouse at Durban docks until we had it shipped over late last year. Since then, all the boxes have been in a storage unit waiting for the day when all the house renovations were completed. The furniture is pile ceiling-high in the two spare bedrooms. So far I’ve filled ten packing boxes with surplus items which are going on Wednesday for the ‘Breast Cancer’ pickup.Β  We did donate, sell, and also gave to friends and family, such a lot of things before we left, but it’s amazing how much stuff one accumulates over the years. I’ve decided that the most useful inventions ever, have to be cupboards and drawers. Whatever would we do without them?

I had a most happy reunion with my pets, who survived their incarceration and journey across the ocean, wrapped in paper inside a cardboard box. Fido and Felix have been in our family for over twenty years. Our son bought us the dog, and then hubby and I decided that Fido needed a cat for company. They’re the easiest pets we ever had, no feeding or cleaning up after them, andΒ all they needed when I unwrapped them was a bit of a polish.


Fido doesn’t look too happy, but I’ve never seen him smile in over twenty years. Felix spends all his time asleep, and I guess nothing’s going to change.

I managed to visit a few of you over the weekend, but this week I’m going to be really busy organising things here. Hubby is busy painting the dining room, and then there’s still his study to do. We’ve booked our flights over to South Africa to see family and friends, and will be leavingΒ during the first week in October for about six weeks. So exciting, except for the thought of packing cases.

Wishing you all a great week. I’ll pop in when I get a chance.

102 comments on “A Happy Reunion

  1. I definitely can relate, as I often change locations too. I found silly pleasure in unwrapping my own stuff that where shipped from another country. And I usually the most happy with my souvenir and other displays. I almost don’t care about the ones that are necessary or the TV, as long as long as I have my travel memorabilia I’m well okay. πŸ˜€

  2. LOL … too cute. Yes, they’re easier then the real thing. : )
    It’s probably like Christmas each time you unpack another item.
    Sweet surprises, Sylvia. Enjoy the process …!!!
    Hope you have everything all neat and tidy in no time. Have a GREAT weekend …
    Issy 😎

  3. I’m glad it’s all going so well. Your pets seem remarkably well behaved, by the way. I’ll bet they’re easy to look after too. Walkies might be a little dull, though. πŸ™‚

  4. Felix and Fido will surely setle into their new home quickly Sylvia πŸ˜‰ It’s lovely unwrapping things out of storage and finding new homes for them . You’ll certainly both enjoy your trip to SAfrica come October – Spring time there I guess . Hope your week is going well piano playing and organising x

  5. wow… busy busy busy:) im so happy your getting to go through all the stored boxes. and a trip back home, how nice for you. . your 4 and 2 legged fury friends will wonder where you went off too πŸ™‚

  6. The figurines are lovely and adorable, too. Sylvia, I like to rotate my “stuff” into the rooms, then change for each season.
    I love how you keep on moving along your way, unpacking and planning your next exciting place to visit. (Returning to roots, family and “home away from home.”) xoxo

  7. Good luck with the unpacking ..it will be nice to come home to an unpacked house! Enjoy your time in South Africa, I hope you can manage a few posts, I’ll look forward to reading them.

  8. Have a great trip…though I know what you mean about more packing/unpacking…..I’m 2 years out and still shiver when we go on a holiday somewhere!

  9. I love your easy-care pets, Sylvia! They won’t give you any stress and will willingly watch the house when you guys are on “home leave” πŸ™‚ We have a large wooden carving from Kenya, a masai warrior I named Amos. He has followed us everywhere (Ethiopia, Uganda, Sweden, Washington DC and now Florida) the last 29 years and I could not imagine our home without him guarding it with his spear.

  10. Wonderful to meet your pets Sylvia! It sounds like things are moving along well albeit with ceiling high piles. One box at a time I say. Your plans for South Africa sound wonderful!

  11. Having just moved house myself Sylvia I sympathise. I still have boxes that need unpacking. A lack of storage is proving an issue but I’ll get there. It is indeed amazing what we accumulate and an awful lot of my stuff went to the charity shop but still so much remains. It is lovely though settling into a new house and I’m sure you and Mr C are going to be very happy in your lovely new home.
    How exciting to be off to South Africa again. Are you playing your new piano every day?

    • It’s funny how we never seem to have enough storage space, isn’t it? I wish you much happiness in your new home. My piano is under a dust sheet at the moment, but in a day or two, I’ll uncover it and tickle the ivories a bit. πŸ™‚

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