Six Word Saturday: Sammy thinks it’s all about him.

No matter how many times I rush outside, shouting “No Sammy, that seed is for the birds!”


With those big brown eyes he’s so adorable though, and he knows he has me wrapped around his little claw.

Happy Saturday everyone.



79 comments on “Six Word Saturday: Sammy thinks it’s all about him.

  1. Yeah. Good luck keeping Sammy out of that feeder. My squirrel, AKA Nemesis, didn’t come round this season and I think he may have moved on, so to speak. I was given a very nice feeder but am afraid to install it. It may serve as a beacon for the accursed squirrel’s offspring.

  2. For some reason I see parts of a “girl” look on his chest. Am I silly and she is really a Samantha? Sammy could have what the Brits call “bits.” Not to embarrass or create a stir, Sylvia, just to ask. . . πŸ™‚

  3. di ritorno dal mio lungo viaggio estivo riprendo le mie visite con gioia e curiositΓ , da te trovo sempre immagini molto particolari e deliziose, con quel tuo impareggiabile zoo casalingo…spero che questo tempo tu lo abbia trascorso molto piacevolmente
    un grosso bacio

  4. I had that feeder and the squirrels and chipmunks were eating most of the food leaving the little birds hungry. We finally changed the feeder and now food is for the birds.

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