My Sunday Photo: A Study In Turquoise

Yesterday,  Great Egret was looking for a lunch date with a fish or two, as he stealthily stalked his way along the water’s edge. Happily for me,  my camera was in its usual place on my bathroom windowsill.


This morning, I cooked hubby his first bacon and egg breakfast since we moved here. He said that it was worth all the effort of building the new kitchen. This coming week is going to be quite exciting as we’ve booked a removal company on Wednesday, to bring the rest of our furniture out of storage.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday.



91 comments on “My Sunday Photo: A Study In Turquoise

  1. What gorgeous water colours there Sylvia , a perfect backdrop for Mr Egret . Sounds like future culinary delights are a given now the kitchen is up and running , brilliant !
    Enjoy unpacking more treasures 🙂

  2. The water shimmering in turquoise really was special and a picture of serenity, to me.
    Sylvia, your husband continues to impress me with his loving replies and responses. This is how a true gentleman would say the work and effort was worth it to taste your home cooking! 🙂
    Hope the Wednesday crew and long efforts fly by into a relaxing Thursday for you and your hubby. ❤

      • Making your house a home is a special time you have been waiting patiently for, Sylvia! It already has become like a masterpiece of art and design, thanks to your good taste in fixtures and your husband’s design and architecture abilities. xo

  3. Ahhh, a peaceful morning and a delicious breakfast – a fine reward for a job well done! Moving is so very stressful, how nice that you are finally able to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty Sylvia.

  4. Stunning photo as always. I daren’t show this to my husband, he’ll be wanting a good English cooked breakfast! Difficult to impossible to get English bacon here and nothing else really works quite so well!!! Xx

    • Thanks, Susan. We don’t have cooked breakfast very often, but I did promise him that as soon as my hob and the extractor fan were working, I’d cook him bacon and eggs. The American bacon crisps really well. 🙂

  5. Great waves and colours against that greeeen grass. And the elegant egret of course. What entertaining views you have every day! Your husband built a kitchen to have bacon and eggs this morning – he really is a sweetie.

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