Feathers On Friday: Woody Stalks Past My Window

Hi everyone. Thought I’d better put in an appearance after being absent for a couple of days. Woody Wood Stork also showed up as I was looking out my bathroom window. What a face! Don’t you think he would be just perfect for a part in a horror movie. That beak would really be something to reckon with too. It must be really tough being a fish around here.


Our furniture and other stuff is now at our house., and we’ve placed some of it. The mirrors, pictures and boxes of ornaments etc., which are stacked in one of the bedrooms, will just have to wait until we get back from overseas. Right now I must rather turn my attention to packing cases for our six week trip. It’s all go here; never a dull moment.

Wishing you all a great weekend.





57 comments on “Feathers On Friday: Woody Stalks Past My Window

  1. You do have a full plate! Glad you found time to share Woody with us. I would not want to find myself on the business of that bill. No way!

  2. Noticed that you’ve paid my blog a visit again? Nice!
    Thought perhaps you’d quit since I haven’t seen you for some time?
    But – welcome back!

  3. Interesting thought about a horror film; when I moved to Seattle in the last century someone had just released their effort at a blockbuster, a SciFi film where “mutant salmon” took over a Pacific Northwest community. I hope that I didn’t offend the creative sense of the producer, but I don’t think I have laughed that hard since that time so long ago.

  4. la catena alimentare della vita ha ovviamente le sue vittime! e questo signor piuma impettito fa del suo meglio per sopravvire
    ah, la magia della tua finegra del bagno! ha ha
    felice primo ottobre Sylvia XX

  5. Hope you have enjoyed finding things you hadn’t seen in quite some time, Sylvia. ❀ I liked Woody and how he has some age signs and wrinkles which may look like a horror mask, at least to me! I will wish you a fabulous six weeks trip and know all will fall into place and go smoothly! Bon Voyage, to you and your husband. xo

  6. Woody looks hungry….Mmmm πŸ˜‚ Good luck packing and have a good trip, Sylvia. I’m sure your backyard buddies will throw you a surprise welcome back party when you get back πŸ€—

  7. Woody is quite stylish and I’m happy he provides you with some entertainment while you are busy packing 😊 I hope you’ll get a little rest over the weekend.

  8. Wowza that would be a face to wake up to in the morning! Talk about bolting out of bed!
    Have a great trip and good luck with the packing. Always a big chore for sure.

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