Sunrise, Eyesight and Monkeys

I can only come up with one positive aspect to being woken up at 5 am by people stomping around in the apartment above ours. I rarely see a sunrise, so decided to make the most of the situation by taking a few photos.


I think sunrises and sunsets over the sea are quite hard to beat.


My ‘holiday’ by the sea isn’t turning out to be quite as relaxing and carefree as I would have liked. I’ve been experiencing a problem with the vision in my right eye for a few months, and thought it was something simple like a bit of scar tissue after my cataract and lens implant operation three years ago. We have medical insurance here in South Africa, so I went to see my eye surgeon soon after we arrived. It turns out that I have a small macular hole which prevents me from seeing fine detail and reading. Today I am going into hospital for a ‘vitrectomy’ which has a 90% success rate of closing the hole by inserting a bubble of gas in the space behind the retina. It sounds as though I may have to keep my head bent forward for quite a few days, and even sleep face down, which I really can’t contemplate as I usually sleep on my back. Anyway, it is what it is, so I’ll keep thinking positive.

I was rather amused by the welcoming committee which was lined up to greet us when we visited our friends up the hill in Kloof. Looks like we all have our wildlife, wherever we happen to live. I’m really missing my Iggys and Sammy squirrel. I wonder if they’ve even noticed that I’m not around to take their photos.


Hope you’re all having a good week. I’ll let you know how everything goes.

148 comments on “Sunrise, Eyesight and Monkeys

  1. It sounds as though everything is working out well with your eye. The surgery sounds very tricky, but it’s wonderful that something can be done. And I love sunsets over the sea. I miss them.

  2. Dear Sylvia, Your eyes don’t seem to be in bad situation given how incredibly beautiful your pictures of sunrise are, but I do I hope your eyes turn out just fine. Yours truly, Rommel

  3. Hello Sylvia , I do hope that view is getting more beautiful each day with an improving eyesight … so sorry to read about recent problems and surgery (I’ve been away ) . Wishing you a happy sunny Sunday , and hoping all goes well for your Wednesday check xx

  4. Oh my Sylvia – sorry to read about your eye and hope that it is well on its way to recover fully. Very scary thing to have anything go wrong with our vision. I’ve been absent, but have caught up with all your travels, wow – you guys have been really busy. Hope you are well and have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Sunrise over the ocean is a glorious sight, and your photos of it are wonderful. Hoping all went well with your surgery. That does sound hard to do (sleeping face down, etc.). The monkeys make a cute welcoming committee!

  6. Ah, now I understand your comment on my post. Reading through the comments here I see you have had the op and doing well, a little scary though, we depend so much on our eyesight and those delicious sunrises would be very much missed. Annoying to have early risers living above though 😦

    Rest and relax and soon you will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again – or is that Sammy?

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