Home again..jiggety-jig

Well, it’s so great to be back home again after over a month away. I have so many photos to sort through, as you can imagine.

First things first, though. My backyard was all safe and sound and a few of the regular critters have put in an appearance. Sammy squirrel has been scurrying around, but not staying long enough for a photo opportunity. I’m very tempted to reinstate the birdfeeder. Even if it’s against the rules, I’m sure that Sammy would be very much in favour.

Daisy, Danny and Deidre duck have been doing regular tours of the lake. The cute threesome seems to be inseparable for the moment.


Mr. GBH has been hovering around his favourite fishing spot, and presented a very elegant profile this morning.


Igasho who is still bright orange has taken to hanging out in the trees, stretching himself out along the branches. Such a lazy life!


We have many pelicans inhabiting and whitewashing the trees along the lakeside. This one seemed to have quite a lot to say for himself.


Although it’s winter here in Florida, we are having really sunny and warm weather. It’s so nice to be back living in a postcard.


I will do my best to visit you all before the end of this week.Hope everything is well with you.








91 comments on “Home again..jiggety-jig

  1. Welcome dear Sylvia, how lovely to see you back home in Sunny Picture Postcard Florida again! I planned to visit you on Friday, but I’ve been battling yet more spam problems with my blog and this is the first day I’ve been able to visit, knowing my comment won’t disappear! One of my problems seems to be when I catch up and leave several comments on one blog, so I’ve liked those I’ve missed (and I’m only just back to blogging myself since Christmas…) and just leaving this comment here as a precaution as I don’t want it to happen again! Anyway….I’m rambling, sorry for this long comment, but just to say I very much look forward to hearing all about your amazing trip, so lovely to see your beautiful smile again πŸ™‚ xo

  2. hey there – love the color splashes in each photo and as I scrolled – the hint of color int he first bird photo really complemented the pink chair in the end – and the tones in between.
    welcome back and take your time getting caught up – and fun postcard backdrop…..

  3. Glad you’re back! I can’t imagine going through a month of photos! You have your work cut out for you. Glad to see all your buddies were waiting for you. Had to chuckle at “white-washed trees.” Love the postcard shot.

  4. A month’s worth of photos! That’s a scary thought πŸ™‚ The stuff of dreams, I bet, Ad. Welcome back and don’t hurry. Let that holiday bliss envelop you just a bit longer.

  5. Fantastic as always, I’m sure “your friend” no your back and they are glad to pose for you;) I bet you glad to be back in your own home as well;)? I’ve been on holiday in Fl. For 2 weeks, at my g.friends condo, with out my hubby…. I’m getting home sick now, and my days are numbered. I’ll be glad to be in my house… but I’m gonna miss all this lovely weather .

  6. Oh Sylvia thank you so much for posting photos on Facebook when you were able. I loved following along and can’t wait to hear the stories as well as your recommendations. Glad the welcoming committee was in full swing in the backyard!

  7. I bet they have missed you. They will all be queuing up for their photo shoot now word has spread around that you are back. I look forward to seeing your amazing trip πŸ™‚

  8. Welcome Home Sylvia ! A postcard ! *wow not had one of those for some years πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to hearing of your adventures from way down South . A nice homecoming seeing all your backyard regulars x Poppy

  9. It is wonderful to get away for the holidays but probably you are so happy to be home once again! I used to say this expression, home again jiggety jig! It must be something ‘people of a certain age’ say, ha ha! πŸ˜‰ I have not been keeping up with hardly anyone so don’t worry about getting ’round to me, dear friend! ❀

  10. I can see it is nice to be home again and see all the familiar faces in your garden. Nice to have you back. Looking forward to some stories and pictures from your travels. It is always a good feeling to come home!

  11. Welcome home!!! It seems that all of your friends took extra care of your place when you were traveling the world. Have fun reviewing the photos and remembering all the amazing moments. Hugs!

  12. Hope you had a wonderful time and welcome home! Your back yard is an utterly incredible haven of wildlife, I have missed your stunning photos. We are freezing here in SW France, coldest weather for years, -5.5C last night! But we do at least have brilliant blue skies and lots of sunshine to brighten things up! Xx

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