Thursday’s Special: Wintry Glaciers

Paula’s theme for ‘Thursday’s Special’ this week, is ‘Wintry’. I’m cheating a bit with this photo, taken as our cruise ship sailed through Glacier Alley in the Beagle Channel. It was actually summer there, but the snowy scene is very wintry indeed.

img_1130The channel is named after the famous ‘HMS Beagle’ on which theΒ  young naturalist Charles Darwin was a passenger on his first expedition in 1831. The journey lasted five years and resulted in Darwin’s first book containing his findings and ideas about evolution.

Happy weekend, everyone.



63 comments on “Thursday’s Special: Wintry Glaciers

  1. The blue colours in glaciers are astonishing aren’t they Sylvia .. your picture captures tha so well . What a visual treat you had as you *glided by πŸ™‚

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  3. Oh my goodness, Sylvia! This is such a gorgeous photograph which could be on a poster or calendar! I enjoy the contrast between the white and bright blue tinted snow in the “valley.” It has “Wow effect!” Hope your Sunday has been serene and relaxing.

  4. Your post looks so beautiful. I have never been on a cruise to anywhere. I very much want to one day. Your post inspires me to really plan for a cruise.

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