A Photo A Week Details: A Convent Of Penguins

Nancy’s ‘Photo a Week Challenge’ is ‘Details’ and she invites us to share photos showing the grand scale and the detail of a scene.

On January 4th our cruise took us past Cooper Island, South Georgia. This is what we saw as we gazed ashore. South Georgia is one of the world’s most remarkable wildlife locations, as despite being surrounded by chilly Antarctic waters, the sea around it doesn’t freeze, so there is no winter exodus as in Antarctica. The island is full of penguins, seabirds and seals. The sight of a veritable mass of thousands of penguins, all standing around as if waiting for the next ferry, was quite comical.


Can you see the cute baby penguins here? They have downy feathers in brown, which are not waterproof, so they have to stay out of the water and are totally dependent on their parents until they get their juvenile plumage.


The seals just lie in heaps, like humongous pebbles.


This gorgeous King Penguin, posing in front of two of his seal friends, seemed the ideal way to show you more detail. Selwyn on the right rose to the occasion, but Blondie in the middle of her siesta was totally oblivious to the fact that she was having her photo taken for WordPress.


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some more of the wonders of nature that we were privileged to see on our cruise.

Happy weekend to you all.





83 comments on “A Photo A Week Details: A Convent Of Penguins

  1. Those pictures are just perfect 🙂 I had no idea that baby penguins are not waterproof. I’ve been told that owls of any age aren’t waterproof, either. You made me laugh about the seals looking like humongous pebbles. They certainly blend in perfectly with the beach.

  2. They are so adorable – hidden away down there in Antarctica. My guy and I are in Kauai now, and the monk seals lumber up on the beach after days of ‘lovemaking,’ and just collapse on the sand, looking how your seals look in your photo. You get tired just watching them. 🙂 Looks like a fantastic cruise.

  3. Don’t you just love the way seals sleep as if they are dead! I thought Selwyn looked very swish…could put her/him on the catwalk. I did not know that young penguins do not have waterproof feathers at first…very interesting.

  4. Torn between thinking how they look so comical and then … what a superb opportunity to see them in their environment like this Sylvia ! Lovely to bring them to us from your travels . And then there are the seals … lol … Great captures of them all x

    • Thanks so much, Poppy. It was so wonderful to see all these gorgeous creatures which are so far away from places one normally visits. I wonder what they think of us tourists dropping in on their peaceful existence and clicking our cameras at them. 🙂

  5. Love these, Sylvia. Penguins are so cute. My favorite thing about them is seeing how they pop out of the water, where they are so smooth and swift, and then they waddle away on the land. The contrast is too much!


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