Nothing Rhymes With Orange

Grandpa Igasho laments, “You know, it ain’t easy being orange. I believe I’m the very VERY Best, but I’m getting very Very Bad Press!”


“My green ‘so-called’ friends say my colour’s fake.”


“Look at us. We’re also Green Iguanas. So what’s with the orange?”


“Don’t they realise that I’m the Big Boss around here?Β I’m a legend in my own lunchtime! There should be poems written about me, but sadly, nothing rhymes with ‘Orange’.” 😦


Just a bit of nonsense for a mundane Monday.

“Have a good one,”Β  as they say here in the USA.



112 comments on “Nothing Rhymes With Orange

  1. qui in Italia gli “arancioni” sono chiamati i monaci buddhidΓ¬sti….hai visto mai che anche lui voglia intraprendere quella strada?
    Γ¨ un magnifico lucertolone, certo molto orgoglioso della sua livrea e gli altri sono “verdi” di rabbia ha ha
    felice notte Sylvia

  2. Amazing pictures! Speaking of Iguana’s and Florida, driving to work I can sometimes spot up to ten or more sunning in the grass alongside the highway.

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