Floral Friday Fotos: Pink Profusion

This amazing Vanda orchid which we tied to a palm tree about a year ago, is flowering yet again. I blogged a photo of it in flower in September just before we left for South Africa. Our next door neighbour admired it, so we gave her permission to cut the flower stem and put it in her house. When we returned ar the end of November, it was in full bloom again. On our return from our Antarctic cruise in mid-January, the flowers were finished, soΒ we cut off the stem. Towards the end of last week, I noticed new buds were opening, and today I counted fourteen flowers and four more buds waiting to open.


You can call me ‘the orchid whisperer’, but all I do is water the roots every Monday and add a small scoop of orchid food to the water every fortnight.


57 comments on “Floral Friday Fotos: Pink Profusion

  1. AD, if it is possible to drool from the state of Virginia to your locale over this sight believe me I am. We are 7 years into our love affair with orchids, after receiving one as a condolence gift when my mother died. I think we are up to about seven, but due to our climate ours must be potted. I did see some growing from a palm tree on my first international mission trip to Belize five years ago. This is simply gorgeous!

  2. A beautiful Vanda orchid, Sylvia. Lately, I’ve been hitting the local flower shows and an orchid show. Vanda orchids are included in all of the shows. I love them!

  3. Hello, dear Orchid Whisperer! I have leaves, huge ones in a pot of dirt! No flowers on my inside orchid. It once was a pretty white with magenta striped orchid. I don’t have a picture but rarely water it so roots won’t get rotten. I may need a home visit. Signed, a once upon a time orchid owner xo ❀

  4. This is fantastic Sylvia. Amazingly one of my inside orchids bloomed for a second time and I was shocked because it’s the first time this has happened to me. You must be thrilled πŸ˜€

    • Thanks, Dianne. I know how you feel about having your orchid bloom a second time. This one was a first for me too, and now I have three more starting to bloom a second time. So exciting. πŸ™‚

  5. It has to be that a very happy orchid. I just gave one to a friend for her birthday, I hope hers does as well as yours. I told her the only way she could kill it is overwatering it. How much sun does yours get…I’ll let her know.

    • How lovely, Karen. I think an orchid plant is the perfect gift. I keep mine in a well lit area in the house until the flowers are finished, then we fix it to a suitable palm tree trunk where it gets both sun and shade. The humidity of Florida is very conducive to these plants surviving well. I have three more which are coming into flower, but they’re a different type, and not quite as floriferous as the Vanda.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Sylvia. You are indeed the Orchid Whisperer in my mind, because what you are doing works! I can never get them to grow, but that’s because I think they’re dead and am not patient enough. Next time I’ll do better… πŸ™‚ xx

    • Yes, patience is the key, Sherri. In the past, Ive thrown out orchids which don’t perform when I think they should, but I’ve learned that they just need some time to recover before they can get themselves together again. A bit like us, really. 😘

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