A Turtle kind of Thursday

Little Terrence was parked right outside our garage door this morning. “I’m a bit lost, can you help me, please?” he asked in a very tiny voice.

DSCN4677I knew exactly how he felt, as I’ve often been lost. Thank goodness for GPS these days. In the bad old days when I had to rely on map books to find my way around, you would often find me parked at the side of the road, map book in hand, turning it this way and that, trying to decide which direction I was actually facing, and then endeavouring to work out whether to turn around or go straight on. I must have inherited my lack of sense of direction from my dad. He was always making u-turns. It’s not just on the road that I get lost. When exitingΒ a public toilet in a shopping mall, I invariably turn the wrong way and head towards the men’s. Then I suddenly realising that there’s no way out at that end of the corridor. Hubby thinks this is funny and always has a weird smirk on his face when I eventually find him again because he knows what I’ve just done.Β  Anyway, dear little Terrence had found a kindred spirit in me and was gently taken to the backyard, where he was deposited in the lake. I’m sure he’s now happily reunited with his family.

Hope your Thursday is a good one.

53 comments on “A Turtle kind of Thursday

  1. I too get lost very easily Sylvia – even while looking at a map my sense of direction is so bad. Love that you helped the turtle back into the lake, I’ll bet he has found a new friend. We did the same two days ago, a developer is destroying the a large pond behind our house (making way for a housing development). The pond has been home for several decades to many forms of wildlife, not to mention at least 30+ turtles. Sunday we found 7 in our yard trying to make their way across the street from our house where there is another pond – they have all been happily relocated.

  2. LOL … he looks confused. Perhaps, he’s resting.
    We just had a turtle come and lay right outside our workshop window. By the time I went to get my camera to photograph him, he buried himself in the marsh.
    I guess he’s camera shy.

  3. Cute little guy Sylvia. I love my GPS but when I’d been somewhere once in the old days, I could always find my way back there again. Not so these days. Definitely made me lazy. πŸ™‚

  4. A kindred spirit, Ad! Mick often takes the map off me in disgust, and if there’s ever a wrong way to turn, it’s mine! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I’ve done that loo thing many times. But Thursday was sunny and that’s always a bonus. Spring sprang, at least for 2 days.

  5. You were kind to poor Terence….he deserves ten out of ten for surviving with that heavy shell, not only does he have to drag it around, but I bet it affects his sense of direction! Back to the water would be bliss!

  6. You have a kind heart.

    I am in the same category as you. I am good at getting lost to find my way arounds. Bunches of thanks to GPS and Google map these days. Before the era of these technology wonders, I remembered got lost at night coming out of Washington D.C. airport and drove right deep into Pentagon! Yep, soon I saw the sign, the quickly told Mr. U-Turn in an emergency way — get out of here quick!

  7. I’m happy you can hear these tiny voices, Sylvia πŸ™‚ I’m a ‘hopeless Helen’ without a GPS too – and don’t even want to remember the bad old days.

  8. What a funny story about getting lost. I know the feeling, especially when I get off the metro in D.C. I never know which direction to go and end up inevitably going in the wrong direction. πŸ™‚

  9. So lovely and tender, Sylvia!
    You’re in good company , regarding lack of sense of direction… I’m always loosing my way!
    It seems it’s a sort of desease, but this doesn’t console me, at all …
    Love this post , for both photo and read!

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