My MAC has gone down with ‘flu too. 

I don’t usually post from my iPhone, but my computer has decided that it also needs some attention, so has decided to be really sick. Hubby had a look at it and said I need a new one with more memory. It won’t upload photos at all and my inbox is now having a cadenza, telling me I have a million emails, most of which are multiplied by dozens at a time. I’ll be off to the Apple Store on Wednesday and will be back with you once I have everything sorted. Have a great week. In the meantime, here is a photo taken last week. Can you guess where we were? 

86 comments on “My MAC has gone down with ‘flu too. 

  1. Has your computer got a virus? It sounds rather odd about the millions of emails, unless someone has hacked into your email account of course! Check it out, before you transfer any files over to your new machine. Good luck.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how dependent we are on technology now? It’s more stressful to have my computer break down than to have my car break down.

    I was going to guess Kennedy Space Center or the US Air Force Museum. They have several rockets, too.

  3. YIKES … computers … we just can’t live without them. If I had to reach someone, I wouldn’t know how as my phone has all of the numbers. You made me rethink this. I am getting a phone book as a back up. Hope you find one that suits your needs.
    My brother-in-law was head of security for Nasa for many years. He’s retired now. We took a great many back tours the public doesn’t see. Fun ….

  4. Kennedy Space Center! I’m familiar with rocketry more than you can imagine lol. My 33 year old son is an Aerospace Engineer (masters), his interest in space and rocket building started at age 12. His security-level work now involves the Navy.

    Hope the computer woes straighten out soon……maybe you’ll be lucky to get a new computer! 🙂

  5. Oh I know that so well! The tossing toys out of the cot, that is 🙂 They’re just supposed to work, aren’t they? None of this being obstinate or. perish the thought, thinking for themselves! I have a wary eye on mine… and a husband 🙂 The good news must be that you’re feeling better? And off to England soon?

  6. I hope you find a new ‘baby’ with more muscle on Wednesday. And just remember to get it vaccinated against the flu and other viruses lurking around 🙂

  7. Great pictures of these old rockets. I sill like to go to the space center. That is a great place to go and in particular with the recent science day.

    Hope your computer get well taken care of.

  8. Oh I feel your pain, my husband just had a problem with his sick Mac too! Fingers crossed mine is going strong! At least you have good Mac shops in FL, here we have to traipse an awfully long way just to find somewhere that can deal with the problem!!

  9. Hals (ie Macs) are a pain in the neck, actually a PITA. But not as bad as Windows. So I live with their cantankerousness. I have deleted a load of photos from Halphone and will it upload to Cloud and transfer to Halpad and Halbook? Of course not. Bloody Hals. I feel for you.

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