Isolated Subjects for Cee’s FFC

All of my isolated subjects for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge are animals or birds, as these are my favourite subjects to photograph. I thought I’d do this post as a sort of fashion parade.

First up we have the gorgeous Tricolored Heron looking very swish and dapper, with blue beak makeup and wearing pink stockings. The outfit is topped off with a white feather fascinator.


Next up is the dashing Grandpa Igasho, wearing bright orange hose to match his stunning fiery mohawk. Note the wonderful and very tough keratin jacket which is made from actual lizard scales.


Peli pelican, showing off his handsome profile, poses amongst the flattering green foliage. His splendid gray- brown and white feather ensemble tones really well with his spectacularly large orange and gold-tinged beak.


Here we have the stunning Great Egret attired in a dazzling snow-white feather suit, with black tights and fashionable yellow footwear, chosen especially to match his eyes, beak and face make-up.


Majestic Woody wood stork could be called ‘cute’ in the old dictionary meaning of the word, which is “ugly but interesting”. He could well be the poster boy for ‘skinheads of the wild’ and his attire, although somewhat on the grungy side, would appeal to those of his fans who wish to look unusual and not too polished.


Last but by no means least, is the elegant and long-legged Miss Rosy spoonbill, flaunting her striking, bright pink plumage. The rather large and somewhat bizarre-looking built-in spatula at the end of her beak, whilst not exactly attractive on a young lady, is a great asset when it comes to mealtimes.

DSCN2630 2

I hope you’ve enjoyed my solitary subjects found here in Florida. I wish you all a happy and relaxing weekend. I will be busy packing for our trip to South Africa.

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68 comments on “Isolated Subjects for Cee’s FFC

  1. These are simply some of the best photos. You really have some beauties here. Thank you and what an amazing adventure you are packing for! Have all the fun possible and look forward to seeing the photos. All my best.

  2. I liked the photo of Miss Rosy s
    Spoonbill. Her pink coloring makes me think of cotton candy, Sylvia. πŸ™‚ The other ones in your menagerie are always very unique poses, as if they know you are taking a picture of them.

  3. Grandpa Igasho’s fiery mohawk wins hands down. Tricoloured Heron’s feather fascinator (had to Google the word!) Is a close second πŸ™‚ Happy weekend Sylvia. Enjoy your time in South Africa.

  4. I love all of these, Sylvia, but had a good laugh at the contrast between the elegant birds and the very different lizard. Not that he’s not handsome and flashy, but… πŸ™‚ Safe and enjoyable travels.


  5. Love your solitary…and well groomed subjects, Sylvia! They must have successfully completed the ‘mix and match your colors’ course. Love the grandpa in particular, completely my style πŸ™‚

  6. Enchanted by the list of these very handsome characters , while sending you my “Happy Weekend” , I add my best wishes for the new trip to South Africa ……
    (A bit envious , must say…)
    You’ll bring back photos , won’t you….?
    Big hugs, Sylvia…..,

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