My Sunday Photo: Hello Aloe Vera

Here I am again in Umhlanga Rocks South Africa, and this morning we went walking along the sea front. At this time of year, the Aloes are coming to the end of their flowering season, and although the birds have had a really good peck at them,  I was struck by how beautiful they still look against the deep azure of the sky.

FullSizeRender 3

It’s great to be back here for a short while. Happy Sunday to you all.


86 comments on “My Sunday Photo: Hello Aloe Vera

  1. The beauty in simple things is always more meaningful to me than diamonds and treasures in museums. I love this photograph! Thanks for sharing and hope you and your family together are safe, happy and holding each other more closely as time goes marching by for us. I thought of you over mother’s day. Will check out your tribute and memories of your dear, extraordinary mother, dear. 👑 💕

  2. Pity the visit will be short. As can be seen from the white horses in the photo, not a particularly nice day. Plans to go boogie boarding were abandoned.
    Hope the aloes put on a good showing for the train excursion this year.

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