68 comments on “Floral Friday Fotos: Seeing Double Beauty

  1. I am like looking at our neighborhood. Those fire trees, Delonix regia, flowers almost simultaneously here at the height of our dry season of Apr-May. Everywhere you look and along hiways there are those bright flowers.

  2. A wonderful picture, the reflection of the flame tree is amazing i have a picture coming up soon with a picture I took with amazing reflection, I’m just finding the right words to go with it.

  3. Sylvia!! This perfectly reflected, neighbor’s flame tree is gorgeous! Hope that you are back in the pink again. You have been in my continued prayers. . .

    On Friday, the day of this post I was driving back from Cleveland, Ohio to be at my oldest daughter’s wedding. πŸ’• I had left my small hometown knowing she had her friend planned to assist her. I had made matching bouquet to her dress. πŸ’

    I had planned my vacation on last day of January we turn in our 3 weeks vacation time to get approved, this was my second one up with my brother’s, SIL and mother.
    On Wednesday, Carrie had called, her friend was not going to make it! Secretly, very happy to be included! 😊 I had to get a “weekend back up” to watch my brother’s dogs and SIL’s cat but long story short, my 37 years old, Carrie, married Daniel on 7/7/17. It was only a teary eyed woman mayor, her boys, bride and groom plus crying me. πŸ’•
    Her first expensive, planned wedding was backed out of by a long ago, poor choice for a groom. (I still have $1000 or more dresses in my apt closet- bad karma, should sell. . .)
    Just didn’t really want to put this on my own post but shared with Jill, Luanne and Merril. You’re my friend and this was extra special news. Daniel wants to adopt my grandson, Micah. ❀ Have a splendid Sunday!

    • Congratulations to your daughter and Daniel. How wonderful for Micah too! You must be so happy about how things have turned out. As we all know, it’s not all ‘expensive’ weddings that turn out the happiest. Mine was a very small wedding and we are now in our 51st year, and still two lovebirds in a nest. ❀ Thanks for sharing, dear Robin. xx I have finished my medication and am all better now. πŸ™‚

      • I’m so happy you understood how special this was, Sylvia. So true, it is not the money but the two hearts and love together bound. I’m very excited to hear of your simple beginnings and continued happy lives intertwined. xo

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