Grandpa Igasho Comes To Visit

I’m afraid I’ve been rather absent from the blogs lately. Since our return from South Africa and England, we’ve driven up from Florida to see our family in New Jersey, calling in on friends in North Carolina for a couple of days. I had a wonderful birthday weekend with our son and family, but unfortunately we had to curtail our trip somewhat, as just before we left, I went to see an eye surgeon, who confirmed that my left eye has now developed a macular hole, just as my right eye did late last year. Today I go in for surgery and am sure it will be just as successful as the op I had done In South Africa. Many years ago, my dear Granny had eye problems and eventually became blind. I’m so grateful that there are such wonderful eye specialists and surgical procedures these days.  Living today, we are so fortunate that medical science has progressed so far.

This morning, Grandpa Igasho appeared outside my bathroom window to wish me good luck.


I told him that soon I’ll be able to see him with both eyes, and I’m sure he understood perfectly.


Wishing you all a very happy weekend. I’ll see you on the flip side.

53 comments on “Grandpa Igasho Comes To Visit

  1. Ah, now I know something about your surgery. Will the surgery correct the problem? I’m glad to hear the ability to correct these kinds of problems is improving. I wish you quick and speedy healing. Love your photos of Grandpa Igasho. 🙂

  2. I hope your surgery went well. Speaking about Grandpa in the photo – he’s not the ‘handsomest’ guy in your neck of the woods. 🙂 However, it is good to have all sorts of creatures as they add variety.

  3. Blessings sent that the surgeon’s hand was guided safely to repair the macular hole, dear Sylvia. (So belated, but heartfelt wishes for healing!) xoxo 💖 💐

  4. Amazing captures Sylvia – sorry to hear about the eye issue and agree whole-heartedly how fortunate we are to live in an age when such issues can be resolved! Our daughter in law is fighting a cancer that 10 years ago would definitely have been a death sentence for but now she is doing very well. Fingers crossed your surgery went OK

  5. I’m late and your operation is probably over by now. Wishing you a successful outcome and sending you lots of love for a speedy recovery, Sylvia. ❤

  6. Sweet Sylvia, I do hope the operation went well, and your eyesight is restored!! *healing hugs* The photos of Grandpa Igasho are gorgeous, it was so considerate of him to drop by to wish you good luck!

  7. Oh Sylvia I’m sorry to read this and that you have to go through it again. But yes, we are lucky that treatment is available. Good luck and a speedy recovery, Gilly X

  8. Nice to see Grandpa Igasho paying attention!. Good luck for the op. and I agree with your comment, how lucky we are to preventative measures for our health these days. Best wishes … Look forward to more Florida pics in the future

  9. Hope the surgery goes well. You certainly don’t pause to take breath much, do you, before shooting off in another direction!
    That Ig-thingy is certainly weird-looking.

  10. Oh, how wonderful to have Grandpa Igasho appearing to wish you luck! And so do I, Sylvia! Medicine and technology have advanced indeed and this is one field they’ve progressed a lot. My dad has had these ops on both eyes. All the best and rest for a few days [and stay away from direct sunlight as I’m sure you already know!]. Hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 🙂

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