My Sunday Photo: The ‘Welcoming’ Committee

It’s been a while since I’ve seen an alligator in our lake, but on Friday, a juvenile ‘gator, probably just four feet long, came gliding in to shore. His approach did not go unnoticed however,  as Mr. GBH, Lenny Limpkin and a representative of the Iggy family had gotten word of his imminent arrival, and were right there waiting for him.


Mr. GBH the self-appointed Chairman of the Residents’ Committee, using his sternest tone of voice, told young Al in no uncertain terms that his presence was not welcome on their peaceful grassy bank. “I’m quite happy to share the fish with you, as long as you’re not too greedy, but you are definitely not allowed to trespass on our territory. I realise that there are many tasty pickings here on land, such as small birds, iguanas, rabbits, squirrels, as well the occasional pet dog or cat, but such creatures are absolutely out of bounds, and I just want you to know that we are watching you. That’s all. You may go now. ” Well, that told him in no uncertain terms and he hasn’t been seen since.

Thanks to hubby who always has one eye out of the window for any interesting activity. He took the photos for me. My eye is healing well after the op, but I still can’t see distance at all. I guess I’ll  just have to be patient, but it’s not easy. I truly appreciate all  your good wishes on my last post.

Happy Sunday everyone.


77 comments on “My Sunday Photo: The ‘Welcoming’ Committee

  1. I’m glad to be back blogging again Sylvia. I’ve been worried about you and your husband, good to read your comment to Jo – thank goodness you guys escaped the brunt of the storm.

  2. Dropping in to make sure you are OK with the spot of damp and breezy weather currently happening. Downright scary, watching it live. Of course, not even a mention on SA news. Utterly blinkered vision.

  3. Watching it all closely and thinking of you Sylvia x Reports and images of the terrifying destructive power within Irma so far have been shocking . Take care now xx Poppy

  4. Fun shot Sylvia – worrying about you down there – have you evacuated? We are now thinking of staying put since she appears to be moving westward. What a frightful wretch she is turning out to be! Stay safe.

  5. Oh heavens! What’s this about eye surgery? I’ve been missing in action for awhile, so can’t figure out what is happening. Stay safe if that nasty Irma heads in your direction. Stay safe even if she doesn’t.

  6. It’s amazing where they turn up isn’t it? There was one in a pond just outside the supermarket near my MIL’s house! 😀 #sundayphoto

  7. Lovely to see your neighbours again Sylvia, and I do hope your recovery continues to progress well. Difficult to be patient, but best not to rush things as I keep on saying to my son.

  8. I imagine this is quite nice to have a loving reunion with the welcoming committee of wild creatures in your area and close by water, Sylvia.
    It is wonderful your husband loves you and takes care of you, including the blog post photo. He’s a keeper and a winner!! 🏆So are you, dear Sylvia! 🎖 Here’s a bouquet 💐 and hug 🙆 from me to you!

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