All’s Well That Ends Well

Here I am on the other side of Irma. I’ve never experienced a hurricane before, but they do say that there’s a first time for everything. Irma was one really wild woman and I certainly wouldn’t want her to come visiting again. Compared to many people, we escaped very lightly, with no damage to property or ourselves. The worst part was being without power for about 18 hours, but we had prepared for that, except that we hadn’t thought to buy a generator until they were all sold out. Anyway, I’d had the foresight to freeze water in several plastic containers in the freezer, which helped to keep our frozen food from spoiling. I’d also put jugs of ice blocks in the fridge which of course kept everything nice and cold.

The morning before Irma was due, Woody wood stork assumed the role of  ‘Town Crier’ sounding the alarm urging everyone to take shelter.


Poor old Igasho looked totally bemused. He had no idea who Irma was, but figured that he’d better run for cover anyway.


Sweet Anatole, stuck on the outside of our screen room was frantically calling, “Let me in! Let me in!”  but I’m afraid he had to take his chances, as we weren’t going outside to rescue him.


Daisy duck decided that she’d better get her brood across the lake and into the shelter of the trees, before it got too rough for passage.


Mr. GBH, who isn’t scared of anything, carried on regardless. I’m sure he knew from long experience that when the waters are stirred, there are sure to be some nice fishy pickings.


Several of our neighbours had left for pastures north and others just hunkered down with their hurricane shutters tightly fastened. Having quite recently replaced all our windows and doors to hurricane-proof standards, we didn’t need shutters, so were able to have a grandstand view from the comfort of our lounge.


I even went to my ‘famous’ bathroom window to catch the waves skimming over the usually smooth waters. One could have done a neat bit of surfing across there.


We went to bed, wondering just how rough it was going to get.  The next morning we were pleasantly surprised to find that we still had power, so showered and made porridge and coffee. The electricity went off quite soon after, the rain was still pounding. and the road looked like a river. That day seemed very long indeed, with no music, no TV news and no phone. I couldn’t play my piano as it was too dark to see my music, so I sat reading my kindle. Hubby read his stash of engineering magazines which had accumulated, as he never had a chance to look at them whilst he was renovating the house. Supper was salad, cold meat and boiled eggs with a glass or two of wine, followed by dark chocolate, which as we all know is very good for stress. We eventually went to bed hoping for a calmer tomorrow.  The morning arrived, sunny and bright, but still no power, so we had cereal, yoghurt and fruit and a couple of Starbucks frappuccinos for breakfast. The only damage we could see, were a few branches which had broken off of our neighbour’s tree, falling harmlessly onto the grass.


There was a  palm tree lying prone on someone’s front lawn across the road, but other than that, no damage.  Our power was restored about 9:30, and we heaved a sigh of relief. Today, the lake is once more calm and still. We are counting ourselves very lucky indeed.


You’d never guess anything untoward had happened, except for the garden service cleaning up some of the palm debris.


We even had our grass cut yesterday.


Igasho returned to our backyard. He appears to be changing to his autumn colours and by Halloween, he should be the perfect shade of orange.


Going out on the roads for the first time yesterday, we were shocked to see just how much debris there was on the sidewalks. So many trees had lost branches,  and hedges had been blown right over. it will take some time to clean everything up and to get the traffic lights all working again, but at least we didn’t suffer any loss, and for that we are most grateful. My heart goes out to those people who’s lives and livelihoods have been put on hold and in some cases, totally devastated.

I had an appointment with my eye surgeon yesterday and he said that everything is healing well and to see him again in two months. I still have the gas bubble in my eye, but that should disappear within the next week or two. I wish you all a very good rest of the week.





142 comments on “All’s Well That Ends Well

  1. So happy to hear that your home survived the storm. Just returned home from Europe and we found that our area of Florida was very lucky too. Tremendous amount of beach erosion and broken branches around but our home was OK as well.

  2. I am happy to learn, of late, that you too came out of Irma’s embrace unharmed. I just returned home from my long trip to Europe and can hardly see out from my salt covered windows (didn’t have the time to get them cleaned during the weekend I came back before my trip). The cleaning crew will arrive tomorrow 🙂

  3. you are right – dark chocolate god for stress – ha
    and like you, my heart goes out to those who have been really impacted negatively by Irma – and the other sad events going around.

  4. My thoughts and prayers were with you but have been extremely busy at work, Sylvia. It is with a big sigh of relief to see the condition of the yard after the water receded and hearing you and hubby are safe! xo 💖 💞
    Onwards towards a quiet place into Fall! Love you animals, critters and cute comments about them, especially soon to be orange Mr Igasho! 🍂🍁

  5. Delighted to hear your eye is healing nicely and you fared the hurricane so well. Some of my family (SW FL) just got power back today, but overall, things are in good shape for them.

  6. Dear Sylvia, I was thinking of you and I almost lost your connection and I went to visit your old blog. And I was so sad not to see you there. But then I saw this blog. How glad I am, and also I am so glad you are all well. Irma made us worried, and we couldn’t believe what we watched, I hope and wish not again. I am also glad to hear that your are getting well. Thank you dear, Love, nia

  7. I loved the way you kept us with you, hour by hour, with power on and off, as you sat through the hurricane. I always wonder how the animals fare during such a storm. How about Woody? Did he return from wherever his hiding spot was, unscathed? So glad to read that you and yours were safe and sound (even in the dark…)

  8. I’m a bit late with this but glad you survived the hurricane, I did think of you when we saw just how devastating it has been. Very good to know your windows & doors were up to the task …. After all the work you and hubby have put into the house it is reassuring to know everything is working well… Best wishes for the next few months getting back to normal in the community.

  9. I’m so glad you and hubby and the house got through the entire thing unscathed. It’s a very scary experience – and I’m so glad all your windows were hurricane proof! Well done my friend xxxx

  10. It seems we had similar experiences Sylvia. Irma barreled through and left behind tons of debris but no damage. Our power outage lasted 24 hours and by the end we were getting a bit testy but fortunately I’d fully charged my iPhone and my laptop so when the charge went down I just plugged the phone into the computer to recharge. That way I was able to watch the 24-hour live weather coverage. Downtown Charleston, about 30 minutes from our little island, had horrific flooding and lots of homes had water damage but here most folks had garage water but nothing in the house. We didn’t even get that. I too had fun shooting the birds and animals the day before Irma – they definitely took advantage of the fish kills!!

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