Silent Sunday: Mr. GBH in a reflective mood

“So much noise here yesterday with all that chain-sawing after Irma passed through. Hmm…..I wonder where my breakfast is hiding?”


“Can’t see many big fish here. I think they all got scared away. That’s not good at all.”


“I think I’ll have to try my luck over the other side.”


I hope he found something for Sunday breakfast. Happy Sunday to you all.

30 comments on “Silent Sunday: Mr. GBH in a reflective mood

  1. I think he has a relative or two in “my” park, although it’s closed right now while they do some work. I miss it and his relatives. πŸ™‚ Thanks for translating and including his thought/comments. I’m struggling with learning some small bit of French and I think Heron would be too much (although maybe herons at least pronounce all the letters!)


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