Six Word Saturday: Anatole says “Here’s looking at you.”

Anatole is the largest of our resident Anole lizards. He lives inside our screen room and although he’s cute and very well-behaved, is never allowed into the house. He seems quite content to peer at us through the glass doors and occasionally goes over to chat to the fish in our pond; but they are a story for another day,


Wishing you all a splendid and relaxing weekend.


68 comments on “Six Word Saturday: Anatole says “Here’s looking at you.”

  1. YIKES …. we get them on our lanai too. The smaller ones my hubby’s cat brings into the house as gifts for him. I scream and run away while hubby pets him and says, ‘Good Boy’. It’s tough being the only woman in the house. Nice photograph of this one which is the only way I want to see one. : )
    Issy 😎

  2. We don’t invite the little lizards in either . . . but they occasionally sneak in and have to be “relocated” back to the either side of the screen. 😀

  3. A very cute little fellow! We have some tiny little lizards here, but they are very, very fast. I was lucky enough to catch one sunning on top of the Buddha’s head not long ago! It took a long lens to do it. 😀

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