Feathers On Friday: Mr. GBH is ruffled

Usually so sleek and smooth, even Mr. GBH can have a ‘bad hair day’. Somehow he still manages to look absolutely gorgeous, so maybe this is just the newest fashion in bird coiffure.


Wishing you all a relaxing and peaceful weekend.

70 comments on “Feathers On Friday: Mr. GBH is ruffled

  1. I really liked the idea of Mr. GBH’s “bad hair day!” So funny! πŸ˜€
    I also enjoyed the beauty of this photograph. Hope your health and husband’s health; as well as happiness levels will be safe and plentiful, respectively. Sylvia, wishing you bunches of wonderful things this new year. 🌈
    I’m sure you are so glad to be “done” with 2017. It sure had a few different situations for both of us which we may be best to put in our rear windows. My brother Randy is still healing and I will be so glad when he is fully recovered.

    • Thanks so much for the good wishes, Robin. So far, so good this year. I love the idea of putting the bad times in the rear window, we can take a peek in the rear view mirror occasionally and count our blessings. Best wishes to Randy for a full recovery. 😘

  2. Mr GBH ‘s feathers look as if they have been careful arranged … If he lived in Australia he might be invited to the Melbourne Cup where it is “de rigour” to have a very fine feathered hat!

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