Feathers On Friday: Vertical Take-off

Whenever I see birds in flight, it always make me wish that I could fly too. What fun it would be, and imagine how I’d surprise my friends if I could do this trick. I’d just be sitting there quietly, listening whilst they chatted to me,


and then suddenly, ‘Zowie’!! I’d take off into the blue, leaving them open-mouthed with astonishment.


Happy weekend to you all.

52 comments on “Feathers On Friday: Vertical Take-off

  1. Yes, I admit to a great deal of jealously toward birds and their ability to fly. Every once in a while if I close my eyes tight and am in a beautiful setting like yours, I think I can. xo

  2. Just today, while looking at some photos of Pelicans in flight, I remarked on how it looked as though their wings bent at the “wrist” (near the tip). Eric, who knows a lot about birds, told me that they are some of the best flyers in the bird world. Surpassing even eagles. How’s that for a bit of trivia? Lovely shots of your delightful neighbors.

  3. Love the combination of the green feathers and the bird’s feathers. They almost look the same. And – I’d love to see you fly, I used to dream I could. Such huge disappointment to wake up…

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