Feathers on Friday: Daisy Duck

Mrs. Beakley was out paddling with her brood of ducklings. Sweet Daisy got left behind, and I shot her……with my camera of course. πŸ™‚


Happy weekend, everyone.

40 comments on “Feathers on Friday: Daisy Duck

  1. It seems that our bird migration is in full swing here. We were at one preserve where we must have seen many thousands of geese (and likely other birds) flying overhead. Pictures to come once I get settled back in again.

  2. Very nice picture and a sweet day to be out in the water!

    Shh.. you know that shooting with your camera can damage the target over time that is the reason they do not let you shoot some museum. So may not want to shoot Sweet Daisy any more.. πŸ™‚

  3. Ducklings? Well what a delight that would be. We are months away from such sightings. However yesterday in the midst of a snowstorm two ducks showed up on our front walk. Their GPS for migration clearly completely off kilter. I’m sure they would have preferred a swim with Daisy.

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