Iggy celebrates St. Paddy’s Day

Iggy dressed in his best green suit, appeared to be doing an Irish jig in the palm tree outside my bathroom window. Just look at those long toes! I’m really pleased that my window is tightly closed.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you who celebrate.


72 comments on “Iggy celebrates St. Paddy’s Day

      • I’m glad I gave you a big chuckle. I just looked at Iggy again and those toes are frightening; although, his colorings are beautiful. I don’t thin I’d want one lurking outside my window. Scarey … keep those windows shut tight. ~~~ : – )
        I’ve been away celebrating my youngest daughters wedding(she’s 41 – not so young but her 1st marriage). It’s been a whirlwind of traveling too. I forgot my camera in the hotel so I don’t have pix. She just posted some from the photographer on Facebook. If you’d like to see them – if you have FB – send me a friend request.
        Hope all is well with you and hubby. 😍
        Have a restful Sunday ….
        Izzy 😎
        ps – just noticed that Iggy is a close spelling of Izzy LOL

  1. Oh yes, you would not want to have Iggy be an uninvited guest crawling through an open window…even if he was “wearing the green”. πŸ˜€

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