Mrs Beakley has seven new babies.

The Beakleys have been very busy of late. No more time for a leisurely tête-à-tête by the waterside.


Today, Mama Beakley arrived in our backyard with her seven adorable, fluffy ducklings. She had heard that there was plenty of birdseed in the grass underneath our bird feeder, and proudly watched as her babies enthusiastically gobbled it up.


After a while she decided it was time to leave,  so after quickly doing a head count,


she lined them up and off they sailed in single file across to the other side of the pond.


Hope you’re all having a splendid week. It’s a another beautiful sunny day here in Florida.


59 comments on “Mrs Beakley has seven new babies.

  1. How sweet new family. …..and they know they are always welcome in your neighbourhood. We have beautiful sunshine here too. Make the most of it!

  2. They are so adorable Sylvia! There is something about these little fluff balls that always melts my heart. We await the arrival of the first goslings by our river pathway. Always such a joy to see after a long winter. Have a happy weekend and I hope you are doing well. xo

  3. Seven babies…. & my daughter is finding she has no time with one baby! They are absolutely gorgeous .. How lovely to have them come into your garden, you will be able to watch them grow.

  4. I love little ducklings. Goslings are cute, too, but they grow quickly into irritating adult geese who hiss and try to attack when there are little ones…or just if they’re in a bad mood…and poop everywhere. Ducks are much more shy and attractive to my mind.


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